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Jeff’s Daily Post – Back in the Groove

Yesterday marked the end of our mini-vacation in Wildwood, NJ, we really had a great time.  I was happy that I had the chance to get in two good runs while I was there.  Back in the groove and back on the treadmill this morning.  I’m in a good mental running state right now.  I feel like I could run for days – love that.  This morning I ran 8.25 miles, paced by some old school Joan Jett.  Followed up my run with 20 minutes on the weights.  I was lifting weights every day after I ran but I’m going to change that up to every other day.  I feel like I’m getting more results with the day off in between.  Have a great day!


Tamara’s Daily Post – Sorry Treadmill…

Short 3 mile run for me today, I needed time to do a leg and ab workout. It really was hard getting on the ole treadmill too, I sure don’t miss it when I am on vacation. I dreaded it this morning and cursed it a few times…yeah, that didn’t make it any easier. But it did help that it was a short run…sorry treadmill, I just think running on the beach is much more exciting!

Tamara’s Daily Post – Me and the Waves…

When the alarm went off this morning I was so glad that Jeff was running first! I fell right back to sleep…ahhhh! After he ran 10 miles, it was my turn. I headed back down to the beach. There was less activity this morning, it seemed as if people were anxious to get back home…not me…as I ran I was dreading the end of vacation and having to go back to our normal working lives. So I focused on the waves lightly crashing onto the beach to keep my mind from reality. I had a hard time getting my footing this morning and felt like I was all over the shoreline trying to find the hardest packed sand – the best for running. I turned around at 2.5 miles and headed back toward the big looming condo that I could see in the distance. I was disappointed I didn’t get up super early and look for shells this trip, so I ran close to the water to see if I could find anything. I saw just a few broken sand dollars but nothing much more. I started enjoying darting in and out as the waves seemed to be determined to get my running shoes wet! The miles passed quickly and I was a little sad to be back at the hotel so soon, but at the same time I was happy to have gotten in 2 beach runs on this memorable vacation!

Jeff’s Daily Post – Is anybody up?

Today is our last day in Wildwood Crest, NJ. We have had a great time. Yesterday, we went to Cape May, NJ. We spent the morning at Sunset Beach and most of the afternoon touring the town. Cape May is just beautiful, full of little shops and incredible beachfront homes. I think if we came to the Jersey Shore again we would stay in Cape May.

Tamara and I both wanted to run today so I decided to get up first. I mentioned last night that I would get up at 5:00am but after further consideration I decided 6:00am would be better, I’m on vacation right? So I set my alarm for 6:00am. At around 5:20 I hear some sort of alarm, first think it is my alarm but it doesn’t really sound like it. I look around and no one is moving – am I the only one hearing this? I walk out to the living room of the hotel and find it Tamara’s phone alarm – hmmmm, did she plan this? I’m actually happy that it went off. I wanted to get an earlier start. I look out the window and see daylight so I decide to get a move on. I decided to just go towards the boardwalk again figuring I would take in the sights one last time before we went home. Boy, what a difference a few hours make. A few days ago (I ran at 7:00am) the boardwalk was full of activity, today I’m wondering is anybody up? I didn’t see another runner until around mile 3 and I’m not sure he was a runner, he appeared to be running from someone or something. I ended up running 10 miles this morning at a decent pace (7:44). It was a beautiful morning and I felt strong the whole time.  Thanks to 100.7 WZXL FM for keeping things rocking this morning (I love listening to local stations when I travel).   I was amazed that I felt so good. I ate nothing but junk yesterday. I had french fries, ice cream twice, cookies, a drink and barbeque at The Ugly Mug (very cool place btw) and more chocolate milk and coffee than I should but yet I still felt good. I’m not going to add that diet to my training routine but it is nice to know that I can get away with it every once in a while.

Today, on 20th Avenue on the boardwalk, I ran past an American Flag with the sun rising over it and couldn’t help but think of those who have died for our country and those who are serving to protect our freedom and our way of life. Thinking of all of you on this Memorial Day!

Running note: Map my run has a cool fly over feature that you can see the route I ran. Click on the link below to see
Jersey Shore and more runs in Wildwood, NJ on MapMyRUN. Find run

Shipwreck at Sunset Beach

House in Cape May

Jeff and Tamara – Cape May, NJ

Tamara’s Daily Post – Beach Run!

It was my turn to head out for a run this morning and I was thrilled!! Jeff showed me his running route from yesterday and I thought it would be cool to run on the boardwalk. I walked through the sand down to the hard packed sand and started my run. I have run on a few beaches in the past but the last time I did was in Maine when I decided to run barefoot – mistake! I was happy to have my running shoes on and miles of beach ahead of me. When I got to where I could get on the boardwalk I decided to stay on the beach, it seemed too far to walk through the soft sand. I ran past the 3 Wildwood amusement parks on the boardwalk and then turned around at 3.1 miles. I immediately noticed the headwind on the way back but the breeze felt wonderful. I loved looking at the waves, people walking and running, and children playing. Our hotel is right beside a very large condo and running back I could see it looming down the beach. It looked close, I must be running fast! When I looked at my Garmin I was still 2 miles out! No worries, I was enjoying the breeze and the scenery. I reached the hotel in 50:00 flat, slower then my normal 5K…but I was refreshed and ready for another beach day!

Jeff’s Daily Post – Hello New Jersey

I just love running in new places.  Yesterday after my 6 mile run at home I decided that I would take a day off during our mini vacation in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey.  I was thinking I would take today (Saturday) off but when I woke up this morning I couldn’t resist the urge to go running.   It was a beautiful morning with light winds and the temperature was around 70.  Since I’m on vacation J I decided to sleep in a little later (7:00am).  I had originally told Tamara that I wasn’t going to run this morning but she knew as soon as she saw that twinkle in my eye that I was heading out.  I also told her that it was probably going to be a short run.  I really thought it was going to be but she also knows that sometime when I start running I just keep going.  I love to run in a new place for a few reasons.   I love the change of scenery and it also gives me the opportunity to orient myself to the surroundings.  I also love running at the beach – there is just something about the smell of the water and all of the action that I enjoy.  After our drive yesterday we went down to the boardwalk (a couple miles away from our hotel) but we didn’t have the opportunity to explore so I knew I would be running in that direction.  I headed in the direction of the boardwalk but really didn’t know where it started.  I kept looking towards the ocean as I was running and after about a mile noticed some activity near the beach so I took a right off Atlantic Avenue.  At the end of the street there was a concrete path full of activity (biking, running, walking).  I could see Morey’s Piers in the background so I figured the path would head towards the boardwalk.  I kept running and after another mile or so I hit the boards.  I just love running on a boardwalk.  My family and I have been going to Ocean City, Maryland since I was very young.  I have so many wonderful memories of the boardwalk, it has always been a happy place for me.  This is my first visit to Wildwood Crest but the boardwalk really does remind me of Ocean City so I immediately felt at home.  I kept running on the boardwalk and had decided that I would just run to the end but I didn’t know when it ended.  So I ran, mile 2 and mile 3 tick by like I’m standing still.  I’m running slow but I don’t really care because this is another one of those “Scenic Runs” that I talk about.  I’m just taking it all in.  I decided that I wouldn’t go past mile 4 because that would give me 8 miles and I really didn’t want to run further than that.  Funny that as I was approaching mile 4 I saw I was reaching the end.  So I turned around at mile 4 and headed back.  The run back was just as enjoyable.   There was a craft show on the boardwalk and at the Convention Center they were setting up for the Wildwoods International Kite Festival, what they say is the largest kite festival in the world.  I made it back to the hotel in just over an hour and with a distance of 8.04 miles.  That gives me 45 miles for the week so I’m happy with that.  Love the vacation runs – A great way to start the day!

Boardwalk Run Wildwood, NJ and more runs in Wildwood, NJ on MapMyRUN. Find run

Tamara’s Daily Post – Going Against My Own Rules!

A month or so ago Jeff and I decided to sign up for the Baltimore 10 Miler, it’s June 18th. As the weeks have sped by with my longest run only being 6 miles, I figured it was time to get more prepared for the upcoming race. I haven’t run a 10 mile race in almost 2 years and I never attempt a race unless I have run that distance comfortably prior to the race (with the exception of my one and only marathon). As impressed as I am by Jeff’s ability to run long distances on the treadmill, I cannot do that – I have mentioned on several occasions that I could never run more then 5 miles on my treadmill. “It’s just not right to run that far on a treadmill – no one does that!” I would say over and over again – and that was my unwritten rule no more then 5 miles! Well…being a working Mom of a 6 year old has caused me to hit the treadmill more then I would have in the past…BB…before baby (yeah, yeah, I know that she hasn’t been a baby in a very long time). A few times over the past few weeks I have run 6 miles – and today I decided I would run 8. Really? And break my own rule!? As I glance at my beautiful princess at 5:30am (who by the way, just graduated Kindergarten yesterday!), I wonder if she would wake up if I just go for a quick hour run outside – just kidding, I actually hope she doesn’t wake so I can get my run in before she starts in with the “Mommy, Mommy” demands of the day. I resort to watching one of my “free HBO weekend” movies that I have on my DVR – “The Hangover”. It’s a silly comedy that indeed kept me smiling for 67 minutes as I ran 8 miles on my treadmill and again…broke my rule, but feel a bit more prepared for the 10 Miler next month!

Jeff’s Daily Post – Technology Fail!

I’m off work today – yeah!  We are heading to Wildwood, NJ for the first time.  I’m looking forward to the trip and as always looking forward to a new place to run.  Since I had a little extra time this morning I decided to run outside, figured that would give me time to pack while I was waiting for the sun to come up.  I really prefer to run super early.  I generally run between 4:45 and 6:00am. I’m just in a better state of mind for running at that time.  I also hate to be in the middle of something and have to stop to run.  I just want to run!  I finish up what I’m doing, gear up and head outside.  I like to run with music so I went to turn my 6th Gen iPod Nano on and it wouldn’t turn on.  I’m thinking maybe the battery isn’t charged so I come back in the house try a few things and still nothing.  I hate it when things don’t work, puts me on tilt.  I fiddle around for another 10 minutes or so and still nothing.  I decide I’ve wasted enough time and go searching for my old school Sony FM radio so I will have something to listen to.  I blame my slow run this morning on my broken iPod (c’mon Apple).  I lost time and focus trying to fix it and my old school Sony FM radio just didn’t cut it!  So at some point this weekend I see a visit to Target to buy a new iPod.  My run this morning – 6.2 miles with an average pace of 7:53, a bit slow but I wasn’t focusing on speed.  I plan on running on our mini vacation but I do see a day off in my future!  Have a great day!

My iPod replacement

Jeff’s Daily Post – In the zone!

In the zone – love that!  My run this morning was one of those that just felt good the whole time.  I knew by mile 1 that it was going to be a good run and I knew I would go long just not sure how long.  I really wanted to do another ½ marathon but didn’t have the time so I stopped at 10.5, very happy with that!  Big thanks to my boys Bon Jovi for helping me keep the pace!

Tamara’s Daily Post – O My Wow…

No surprises here…I need to post about Oprah. I only had a short 3 mile run today. I finished watching the 2nd farewell Oprah show and was done my run at 4:59am! I had time to workout more so decided to watch the Oprah finale show. I was disappointed at first she wasn’t going to give things away or have more special guests, but then she started her final “lesson”. I listened. I thought. I learned. Everyone has a calling, figure out what it is and go about your business. That was it. Is that true? Too deep for a post-run analysis and way too early. I loved it though and it made me smile as I finished my workout…and it made me think.

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