Tamara’s Daily Post – Beach Run!

It was my turn to head out for a run this morning and I was thrilled!! Jeff showed me his running route from yesterday and I thought it would be cool to run on the boardwalk. I walked through the sand down to the hard packed sand and started my run. I have run on a few beaches in the past but the last time I did was in Maine when I decided to run barefoot – mistake! I was happy to have my running shoes on and miles of beach ahead of me. When I got to where I could get on the boardwalk I decided to stay on the beach, it seemed too far to walk through the soft sand. I ran past the 3 Wildwood amusement parks on the boardwalk and then turned around at 3.1 miles. I immediately noticed the headwind on the way back but the breeze felt wonderful. I loved looking at the waves, people walking and running, and children playing. Our hotel is right beside a very large condo and running back I could see it looming down the beach. It looked close, I must be running fast! When I looked at my Garmin I was still 2 miles out! No worries, I was enjoying the breeze and the scenery. I reached the hotel in 50:00 flat, slower then my normal 5K…but I was refreshed and ready for another beach day!


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