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Jeff’s Post – Goodbye February – Hello March!

It is hard to believe how fast the months are moving by.  We had a really mild February in Maryland which allowed me to get in a few more outside runs which I love.  I had a good running month in spite of a crazy work schedule for the first ½ of the month.  Breaking it down by the numbers – I Ran 28 times -180 miles (compared to 127miles last year) 5 times with Tamara – 6 times outside (which included a virtual run for Sherry) – Longest run of the month – 12 miles with Tamara.

I’m looking forward to March and our first race of the year.  The Rock ‘n’ Roll USA in Washington, DC on March 17th.  Tamara and I are both running the ½ and will be training hard the next few weeks.  We both want to PR!  Although we only live about an hour from DC we are turning this into a “Runcation” and I can’t wait.  We will Rock DC!

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6 Treadmill miles this morning – Have a great day and Happy Running!


Jeff’s Post – Running thru the Poo!

Hmmm – never thought I would put the word “poo” in a blog post but I just did and it isn’t the “Who has the Runs” (read about us here) type of “poo” you might be thinking about.  It isn’t even the occasional horse “poo” that we had to run through on our Sunday long run.  It is more about what running allows me to do.  A morning run puts me in a good frame of mind to deal with some of the “poo” of the day.  It gives me a strong mind and makes me quick on my feet.  Thanks to running, I’m able to react and escape quickly if I see the “poo” piling up.  I can even respond better to all of the “emergency poo” situations that arise during the day.  Thank you running for allowing me to deal with the occasional “stink” of the day – I am better because of you!

Can’t really believe I just wrote this post but one thing I have found out about the running community is that they openly talk about “poo” so I was pretty certain I wouldn’t offend anyone.

6 Treadmill miles this morning – Wishing you a happy running day!

Jeff’s Post – Weekend Recap – Look out for the Horse and Buggy!

Tamara and I both did something rare last week.  We took Friday and Saturday off from running.  We ran a fairly speedy 10 miles on Thursday afternoon (I ran that morning so I had 16 miles that day) and we both felt a slightly extended rest was the best thing to do.  Tamara mentioned on Saturday that she wanted to try to get 12 miles in today and that is exactly what we did.  Tamara left the route up to me and I felt like changing it up a bit.  I wasn’t 100% sure where we were going to end up but we just ran and ended up going down some really nice country roads.  We intentionally slowed this run down a bit but still ended up with an 8:23 pace on a challenging hilly course.  We both ran strong but by the end we were definitely “done”!  We live in Amish Country and today we had a few challenging horse and buggy incidents.  We ran off the road more than once to make room for the buggy but that is what I love about where we live.  We can drive a few miles and be on the water or we can walk out the front door and see the Amish on their way to church!  We are definitely counting down the days to our first race of the year – Rock n Roll ½ in DC on March 17th.  I’m not quite where I want to be yet but feel good about where I’m heading.

Hope you had a great weekend!  Happy Running!

Jeff’s Post – A Nice Double!

Tamara and I were able to squeeze in an afternoon run yesterday which is rare during the week.  After a few weeks of very long days at work we decided to reward ourselves and leave work a ½ hour early (getting a little crazy!).  It was a beautiful day (around 70 degrees) and I was excited to run the 10 mile loop on our local Navy base.  I absolutely love running on the base.  The base is surrounded by water and yesterday there was so much activity in the air.  There is nothing better than jets and helicopters zipping by you fast and low while you run. One of our co-workers also joined us for the run.  I like the dynamic of adding a new person to a run every once in a while.  We all run a similar pace and I felt like we all ran faster yesterday because we were pushing each other a bit.  We had our headphones on and we were just running and taking turns leading the pack.  We finished our 10 miles strong with an average pace just under 8:00. I ran 6 miles on the treadmill earlier in the day so this run was a double for me.  I like running doubles when I can, especially when the second run is outside.  All in all a great running day!

Today is a rest day for me – Hope you have a great day and Happy Running!

Jeff’s Post – What a Great Day for a Run!

It’s the middle of winter in Maryland and we continue to get teased with “Spring Like” temperatures.  I enjoy the change of seasons but I’m ready for warmer weather to get here and stay.  The warm weather reminds me of those many outside runs I’ve had with the sun on my back, dripping sweat and the feeling that I could run for days.  I definitely get a mild case of “Spring Fever” on these warmer days.  As I walk into work I often make the comment “What a Great Day for a Run”.  Today, the forecast is for temperatures in the high 60’s.  It will be a great day for an outside run so I will be bringing my running shoes to work in hopes that I can squeeze an outside run in when the work day is over!

I ran 6 miles on the treadmill this morning for good measure – Here is hoping today will be a double!

Have a great day and Happy Running!

Jeff’s Post – Long Weekend Recap

Double running bonus – The middle of February in Maryland and I still managed to get two nice outside runs in over the long weekend.  Tamara did a nice job of recapping our Saturday run.  FYI – That run was tough for me too, not really sure why but it was.  I ran six days last week and decided to take Sunday off.  Monday was a work holiday for me and I wanted to try to get another outside run in.  I wasn’t sure that was going to happen when I woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow.  We only had a few inches and I knew it was going to warm up so I decided on an early afternoon run.  I typically do all of my running early in the morning so I struggle a bit with the later morning and early afternoon runs. I headed out for my run around 1:00 and was hoping to run fast and I did with a 7:29 pace but that run was tough.  I knew it was going to be a struggle from step one but I just kept my head down and kept pushing.  I had a killer headwind on my way back and it was just one of those runs that you wanted to be over with.  I was happy that it was over, happy that I finished strong and I look forward to my next good run because I know it is right around the corner.

Have a great day and Happy Running!

Tamara’s Post – A TOUGH 10 miles…

I’m baaaccckkk!!! After an insane work schedule for the past several weeks ending in 12+ to 16 hour days, I was thrilled to be able to run outside yesterday. I needed 10 miles as part of my RnR DC training. We took the camera although running through a local large subdivision wasn’t all that scenic. As soon as my foot hit the ground I knew this was gonna be a tough one…and frankly it just plain hurt. Why? My entire body was exhausted from my crazy schedule, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and minor dehydration. The miles seemed to go by soooo slowly. We stopped at 4.5 miles because I needed a drink. Jeff asked if I felt ok…I said no…he asked if we should keep going…”Hell yeah”image

I said…I needed to get my miles in no matter how bad I felt. The last 5 miles were tough and dragged on…I got disoriented a few times…dehydration again most likely…but we finished 10 still maintaing an 8:20 pace. Glad I got the miles in…no way I would have done it without Jeff beside me. I’m happy the crazy work schedule is over (for now!) so I can concentrate on my running…and getting myself back to normal!

Jeff’s Post – Morning Runner!

Work has been absolutely nuts lately which doesn’t always bode well for running.  I’m so glad that I’m a morning runner.  I learned early on that the only way I could count on getting my run in consistently was to wake up early and just get it done.    Sure there are days where I would rather sleep in but running has just become part of my morning routine.  It sits right in between breakfast and brushing my teeth.  It also gives me a sense of accomplishment and a bit of a swagger as I walk out the door.  During stressful times it gives me an hour or so of peace and really does clear my mind.  I’ve made many decisions while running and have been able to work through many issues.  So if you are having trouble fitting that run in – move it to the morning and make it part of your morning routine!

6 STRONG Treadmill miles this morning.  Have a great day and Happy Running!

Jeff’s Post – The Running Couple!

As I finished a strong 6 miles on the treadmill this morning I couldn’t help but think of how lucky, proud and thankful I am to have Tamara in my life.  We are a running couple and I love that we are in that category.  It is amazing how many “running” memories we have made.  We have run countless miles together, seen some amazing things and pushed each other past what we thought were our limits.  She pushed me in marathons when I needed it and I have been at the finish line to literally catch her as she crossed after leaving it all out on the course.  Together we are an amazing team and I’m proud that we are a Running Couple!

Have a great day and Happy Running!

Jeff’s Post- Running Smarter!

I still struggle at times with when to push and when to listen to my body.  I vowed in 2012 to run smarter and I’m happy to say that I’ve been doing that so far but it isn’t always easy.  Take this morning as an example.  I took Sunday off after a 16 mile double on Saturday.  My legs felt great yesterday and I was looking forward to a good treadmill run this morning.  As soon as I stepped foot on the treadmill my legs felt tired.  I was hoping to get in 6 miles but early on I decided I would “Run Smarter” and finish strong at 3.  I struggle because I’m fighting this voice in my head that is saying don’t be a baby push through it and run 6 and then on the other side is a voice that says finish your 3 strong and tomorrow will be a new day.  I’m confident running smarter will benefit me more this year than a few extra miles here and there.  Don’t worry I’m still going to push it but I’m going to push it when it makes sense.

Have a great day – Remember Run Smart!

Please take a look at the #TwitterCharityRun–  Registrations are rolling in and we would love to have you join us on a virtual run and raise money for a charity of your choice at the same time!

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