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Jeff’s Post – Weekend Recap and A10 on the Horizon!

I feel like a broken record here but I continue to struggle with the blog posts.  I keep making notes and have things I want to blog about and I have a product review but work/life keeps getting in the way.  My commitment at the moment is once a week but I really hope to pick it up soon.  I find it frustrating because it is both motivating and therapeutic to blog – I must find the time!

Last week was a good running week.  I topped 50 miles for the first time in a while and my shin continues to improve…..I think.  I really am trying to run smarter and listen to my body and mind.  I had two really nice runs over the weekend.  Saturday I went out for 13 miles (haven’t been that far in a couple months) and it felt really good.  On Sunday Tamara and I headed out for another longer run (10 miles).  Tamara is much better at following a plan (currently RnR Philly ½), I just try to put in the mileage.  This really was a fun run and Tamara was pushing me the whole way.  Having just come off the 13 miles on Saturday I was feeling a little tired in the legs so I enjoyed the challenge of trying to keep up (it is a challenge to keep up with her when I feel good btw and I don’t always do it).Tamara took a Gu on this run at around mile 6 (training for her race) and I used that as another challenge to keep up with her as the Gu kicked in – I definitely noticed a change in her pace!  I managed to stay with her and we finished the 10 miles strong!

I’m looking forward to the Annapolis 10 miler this weekend and then a few weeks later we will be in Philly.  I still don’t feel like I’m in the best shape I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself this weekend.  I want to run a fun/smart race and then push it in Philly.

Have a great week and Happy Running!


Tamara’s Post – Vacation Over…Boo!

We are heading back to Maryland today after 5 days in Wisconsin…it was a fun trip with a great weather and a packed agenda. I got 3 runs in – once with Jeff and twice by myself.  Samantha surprised me by wanting to run a few “miles” with me after my run yesterday – so she got ready and we headed out down my Dad’s driveway. Jeff followed us as our official photographer. She made it to the highway and back which is 1/4 mile each way – this picture was taken just as she shouted “Pick it up Mommy!”

Not only did we get to Six Flags, the State Fair, and the Lake – I also got to spend time with my Dad and some of my family that lives in Wisconsin. I wish we had more time – it flew by and there was still so much more I wanted to do and see. Even though I lived in Wisconsin for 10 years, I still love to visit. My favorite thing was…ummmm…embarrassed to say…fried cheese curds! Now I need a vacation from my vacation! 🙂

Wisconsin scenery

Me and my Daddy

At the Wisconsin State Fair

Cream puff from the Wisconsin State Fair…yup, I ate it…all….

Fried Cheese Curds – my fav!


Jeff’s Post – Wisconsin Follies!

We are wrapping up an eventful week in Wisconsin and will be leaving tomorrow for the 12+ hour road trip back to Maryland.  Running while traveling is always difficult so I’ve been fairly happy with my runs this week and I always love running in new places.  My running recap for the week – 6 miles in Ohio (after driving 8 hours), 6 miles in Waterford, WI (after driving 5 hours), 6 miles on Monday, 4 miles with Tamara on Tuesday – then we went to Lake Michigan for the day and I couldn’t resist running another 4 miles at the lake – just beautiful.  I got another 6 in yesterday and have decided to take a couple days off.  I’m still dealing with a nagging shin pain and I’m hoping the couple day rest will help.  Our vacations are over and I need to get super focused over the next couple months.  I basically have a race every month ending with Marine Corps in October.

This trip was really about visiting Tamara’s Dad and making sure that Samantha got to as many amusement parks, water parks and ice cream shops that we could find.  I think we accomplished all of those.  I even had my first ever Cream Puff from the Wisconsin State fair.

I’m writing this post while Tamara is out running and she just called me.  We always carry a cheap flip phone when we run and she has never called before (scared me a bit) but she just wanted me to check on a road she was running to see if it connects to the highway.  I tend to run more up and backs when I travel just to make sure I can find my way home.

I have shared a few pics below and will add more once we get home.  I also ran on the track for the first time last week and want to recap that over the next few weeks. I really enjoyed it and hope to get on the track more.

Have a great day and Happy Running!

Tamara’s Post – Road Trip!

We are driving down I-80 in Indiana, we can see Michigan to our right – about a 1/2 mile over the corn field. We are heading to visit my Dad in Wisconsin – it’s such an easy drive from Maryland and love the 70 mph speed limits! We spent last night in Maumee, Ohio – we had a free night at a Marriott, so picked one that had a pool. Jeff went for a run and Samantha & I hit the pool and the hot tub – ahhhh! I love eating at new places, and was happy with my discovery of Mancy’s Blue Water Grille – yumm! This morning we scored again by finding Scrambler Marie’s for breakfast and Biggby’s Coffee for lattes and hot chocolate for Sam – success! Alot of interesting sites on our roadtrips…some from inside the van…

So…after an exhausting first part of the summer – I finally feel somewhat back in the groove. Samantha’s social calendar filled with swimming and countless hours of play practice for the Wizard of Oz really took alot of time – but was well worth it to see her as a munchkin! My running has been going ok – just ok – nothing to brag about by any means. I tend to let my child and work (sometimes) take priority over my running…but it’s time to get serious! I’ve been dealing with a silly pain behind my right knee for about 3 weeks – I took 4 days off last week which helped alot. We are doing the Rock ‘n Roll Philly 1/2 marathon (#rnrphilly) on Sept 16 – so I really want to increase my mileage – soon!

With my knee issues, along came some pretty painful stomach issues that started this past Wednesday, I’m not over it yet  – but I think I could run through any non-running issue and I do…my brain needs it – has to have it. I felt a bit better this morning and headed down to the gym at the hotel. I was super disappointed I couldn’t watch the women’s Olympic marathon on the TV – Jeff & Samantha were watching it up in the room. I had to settle for scrolling through the channels and finishing 4 miles in time to sprint back upstairs to catch the end of the marathon – no medal for USA, but awesome to watch all of the incredibly talented women that finished – they all deserve a medal for just making it that far! Samantha said they were running slow and she could beat them – she was quite interested in the race – which made us happy! Gotta drive on!

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