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Tamara’s Post – Road Trip!

We are driving down I-80 in Indiana, we can see Michigan to our right – about a 1/2 mile over the corn field. We are heading to visit my Dad in Wisconsin – it’s such an easy drive from Maryland and love the 70 mph speed limits! We spent last night in Maumee, Ohio – we had a free night at a Marriott, so picked one that had a pool. Jeff went for a run and Samantha & I hit the pool and the hot tub – ahhhh! I love eating at new places, and was happy with my discovery of Mancy’s Blue Water Grille – yumm! This morning we scored again by finding Scrambler Marie’s for breakfast and Biggby’s Coffee for lattes and hot chocolate for Sam – success! Alot of interesting sites on our roadtrips…some from inside the van…

So…after an exhausting first part of the summer – I finally feel somewhat back in the groove. Samantha’s social calendar filled with swimming and countless hours of play practice for the Wizard of Oz really took alot of time – but was well worth it to see her as a munchkin! My running has been going ok – just ok – nothing to brag about by any means. I tend to let my child and work (sometimes) take priority over my running…but it’s time to get serious! I’ve been dealing with a silly pain behind my right knee for about 3 weeks – I took 4 days off last week which helped alot. We are doing the Rock ‘n Roll Philly 1/2 marathon (#rnrphilly) on Sept 16 – so I really want to increase my mileage – soon!

With my knee issues, along came some pretty painful stomach issues that started this past Wednesday, I’m not over it yet  – but I think I could run through any non-running issue and I do…my brain needs it – has to have it. I felt a bit better this morning and headed down to the gym at the hotel. I was super disappointed I couldn’t watch the women’s Olympic marathon on the TV – Jeff & Samantha were watching it up in the room. I had to settle for scrolling through the channels and finishing 4 miles in time to sprint back upstairs to catch the end of the marathon – no medal for USA, but awesome to watch all of the incredibly talented women that finished – they all deserve a medal for just making it that far! Samantha said they were running slow and she could beat them – she was quite interested in the race – which made us happy! Gotta drive on!


Jeff’s Post – The Olympic Trials – Thank u Twitter!

I feel like I can’t catch up this week and I know I’m a few days behind but I wanted to take a moment to discuss the Olympic Trials.  I was disappointed that the trials were not going to be broadcast live (what is up with that NBC!) and I had vowed that I would stay away from Twitter on Saturday.  I didn’t want to know who won when I watched the tape delayed broadcast but I just couldn’t do it.  Twitter was amazing on Saturday.  I once again found myself glued to my phone reading the tons of updates that were coming in second by second.  I was on the edge of my seat with each update.  I thought to myself at one point that in a strange way it was a little like listening to radio.  People were expressing excitement in their tweets and in many ways I felt like I was there – so exciting – so motivating!

I was amped up with all the Olympic talk and was so excited that Tamara and I had a run planned for that afternoon.  The Olympic trials are “Must see TV” in our house and I couldn’t wait for our run and then go back home to watch the trials.  We had a great run on Saturday and the trials didn’t disappoint.  It is just amazing to watch these athletes.  Their speed, endurance and will to compete and win is incredible.  I’ve talked a few times before about how the 5k isn’t my favorite distance because I’m pushing it and just feel uncomfortable the whole time.  To think that these athletes are pushing it about 2 minutes per mile faster for 26.2 miles is so impressive.  Congrats to all those who competed and to those who will represent us in London. You make us proud and you motivate us.

One last note – As I was watching the trials I couldn’t help but think of yet another reason I love the sport of running and the running community.  I will never compete in the Olympics but as a fellow runner I feel a connection to those athletes.  Whether you are an Olympic athlete or running your first 5k we share many of the same feelings.  The nerves at the starting line, wondering if we trained hard enough, wondering how our body will react if we push it.  We have all been there because we are all runners!

Have a great day and Happy Running!

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