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Jeff’s Post – Weekend Recap and A10 on the Horizon!

I feel like a broken record here but I continue to struggle with the blog posts.  I keep making notes and have things I want to blog about and I have a product review but work/life keeps getting in the way.  My commitment at the moment is once a week but I really hope to pick it up soon.  I find it frustrating because it is both motivating and therapeutic to blog – I must find the time!

Last week was a good running week.  I topped 50 miles for the first time in a while and my shin continues to improve…..I think.  I really am trying to run smarter and listen to my body and mind.  I had two really nice runs over the weekend.  Saturday I went out for 13 miles (haven’t been that far in a couple months) and it felt really good.  On Sunday Tamara and I headed out for another longer run (10 miles).  Tamara is much better at following a plan (currently RnR Philly ½), I just try to put in the mileage.  This really was a fun run and Tamara was pushing me the whole way.  Having just come off the 13 miles on Saturday I was feeling a little tired in the legs so I enjoyed the challenge of trying to keep up (it is a challenge to keep up with her when I feel good btw and I don’t always do it).Tamara took a Gu on this run at around mile 6 (training for her race) and I used that as another challenge to keep up with her as the Gu kicked in – I definitely noticed a change in her pace!  I managed to stay with her and we finished the 10 miles strong!

I’m looking forward to the Annapolis 10 miler this weekend and then a few weeks later we will be in Philly.  I still don’t feel like I’m in the best shape I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself this weekend.  I want to run a fun/smart race and then push it in Philly.

Have a great week and Happy Running!


Looking Back at August

I’m very happy with August and this is a quick recap.  I ran 28 times (9 outside runs – the rest on the treadmill) – 255 Miles – 32,309 Calories Burned – Longest Run of the month 16 miles.  On the three days I didn’t run I rode the bike 2 days and took 1 day off.  I ran 7 times when I was in Maine (72 miles).  Tamara and I got to run together 4 times – wish it was more!  The only race I had scheduled for August (Annapolis 10 Miler) was cancelled L due to Hurricane Irene.  In addition to surviving all of the running and Hurricane Irene, I also survived the East Coast Earthquake!  Happy to put August in the books – Bring on September I’m ready!


Jeff’s Post – Challenges and Hurricane Pics!

Geez – we have had some challenges lately.  In the past week we have had an earthquake and a hurricane (The Annapolis 10 Miler I was supposed to run was cancelled due to the hurricane).  Thankfully we survived both with no damage.  We lost power for around 24 hours after Hurricane Irene but I have a generator so we were able to stay comfortable.  I still don’t have internet and have been working off my Verizon Wireless Mifi card, better than nothing but still not the same as my cable.  In the midst of all of this I’ve come down with some sort of cold/sore throat.  I’ve been doing everything I can to keep it in check (extra Vitamin C, cough drops, zink, extra sleep).  I just don’t get sick and I have my first “official” ½ marathon on Sunday (The Virginia Beach Rock and Roll) – I don’t want to be sick for this race.  I’m trying to run a normal week but will scale things back a bit if I’m not feeling any better.

More Pics Here

I haven’t posted for a few days so where is a quick running recap:

Saturday – I ran 12 miles on the treadmill.  I’m a geek so I live tweeted my run (follow me @werrunners) giving updates every two miles.  I also did my first livestream (  I really would like to livestream a little more – maybe get some virtual group runs going.  Not sure what I ultimately want to do with that but it combines my love of running and technology so I would like to do something – we will see.

Sunday – This was the day after the hurricane and I really figured that I wouldn’t be able to run this day – thought I would be cleaning up.  Tamara and I were both very very fortunate – we had limited cleanup so we were able to sneak in a 6 mile run that afternoon.  It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon – such a difference from a few hours earlier.  We had a great run!

Monday – I didn’t get power until late Sunday night and I had already decided that if I didn’t have power Monday morning I was going to cut everything else off and run the treadmill off the generator.  Happy I I didn’t have to do that. I ran 6.5 miles on Monday – really a struggle as I was tired from all of the weekend activities and didn’t feel well.

Tuesday (today) – I really had a good run 8.5 miles.

Have a great day – for a run if you get a chance!

Jeff’s Daily Post – Preparing for the Hurricane!

We live in Southern Maryland and it really looks like we are going to get hit with our first big hurricane in years.  I think I have most of the basics to survive – protein shakes, bananas, G2, Garmin charged, iPods charged, all running clothes laundered, 4 pairs of new Brooks shoes in stock and I have gas in the generator to run the treadmill.  So in the event of a prolonged power outage I don’t expect my fitness level to slide!

Ok, seriously I’m a bit concerned about the size and strength of this hurricane but feel like I have done what I needed to be prepared.  The Annapolis 10 Miler I was supposed to (and very excited to btw) run on Sunday has been cancelled.  I feel for the race directors – not an easy call to make but I think they did what they had to do.  It is probably good that they cancelled as I would have drove myself to Annapolis and run through the wind and rain.  I’m scheduled to run the Rock and Roll ½ Marathon in Virginia Beach next week – I’m hoping everything is settled down both and home and the event by then – looking forward to that race too.

Last race note – Today I unboxed and began breaking in my “Marathon Shoes”.  I’m going with the Brooks Ghost 3.  I have always run in 3’s and have a couple of Ghost 4’s new in the box but wanted to stick with the shoe that has got me here.  I plan on mostly treadmill and a few outside runs and hope to get around 100 miles on the shoes before the race – Baltimore – October 15th – My first marathon!

To those on the east cost stay safe this weekend!  Go for a run if you get a chance!

Breaking in my new Ghost 3’s Relying on them to carry me 26.2 Baltimore Miles in October

Jeff’s Daily Post – X Train Day

Decided to give my legs a break from the pounding this morning and hop on the bike trainer.  My foot was hurting a little when I woke up and although I really really really wanted to run I decided to play it safe.  I could run on the treadmill inside for days but for some reason I struggle riding the bike inside.   I’ve heard others mention they get bored on the treadmill – I’ve never been bored on the treadmill but I’ve experienced that on the bike trainer.  I rode the bike for an hour (12.3 miles).  I really like the way my legs feel when I get off the bike – a bit tired but they are pumped!  Riding the bike also gives me a little extra time for weights and I hit them hard this morning.  My arms are shaking as I type this (need bigger arms!)

Still not sure what I’m doing about the Annapolis 10 Miler on Sunday.  I want to run this race and wouldn’t mind running in the driving wind and rain but I’m about 1/1/2 hours away and I don’t want to risk life and limb trying to get up and back.  I will let the forecast play out a bit and decide over the weekend.

Have a great day and go for a run/walk or jump on your bike if you can!








Hurricane stay away!









My Trek 2.1 on the Trainer

Jeff’s Daily Post – Earthquake Training “Check” – Hurricane Training “Check”!

I run mostly because I just enjoy the whole experience.  I like to push myself both mentally and physically – running does that for me.  My competitive side is the side that pushes me to sign up for races with a goal of continuous improvement.  I have three races coming up so at the moment my competitive side is kicking in and I’m in training.  I didn’t expect my training to come in handy during the Earthquake that the East Coast experienced yesterday (a 5.8 or 5.9 depending on who you talk to J).  I’ve never been through an earthquake and it was a bit of an unsettling experience.  I work in a rather small three story building near a naval base so occasionally we will get a building shake from a plane flying over.  That is what I thought was happening yesterday but after the building kept moving I realized it was more than that.  My first instinct was definitely to get out of the building.  I started running towards the door yelling as I ran to “get out of the building”.  I thought last night that I wish I had my Garmin on because I’m sure I would have set a PR because I was moving quick.  I’m proud of my speed but not so proud that I beat so many out of the building – I need to “man up” next time and make sure I’m not so close to the front.  Interesting that my first instinct was to run.  I was also concerned about Tamara as she was in a building down the street I actually went the end of the road to make sure I could still see the building she was in (wanted to make sure it was still standing!)  I will leave out all of the boring details but thankfully no one was hurt – Guess I can cross “Earthquake” off my to-do list.

I mention I have a few races coming up and one is the Annapolis 10 miler this Sunday.  The same time they are predicting the arrival of Hurricane Irene on the East Coast.  It looks like I may also be able to cross “Running in a Hurricane” off my list too.  C’mon mother nature – give us a break!

A slightly off 7 miles this morning – Have a great day and go for a run if you get a chance!

Jeff’s Daily Post – Back to Business!

Today is back to school day for many and as I was running this morning I was thinking today was back to business for me.  Back to work and back from my summer of vacation runs.  I loved running in Maine last week but I was happy to be back on the treadmill this morning.  Maine helped me train for hills but I never feel like I’m running with the intensity I should when I’m on vacation and in most cases I’m also not eating right.  So today I’m back to business with an intense focus to run faster, run harder and run smarter.  I’ve got two races over the next few weeks – The Annapolis 10 Miler on Sunday, August 28th and the Virginia Beach Rock and Roll ½ on Sunday, September 4th – Then a few weeks later my first Marathon – Baltimore on Saturday, October 15th.

So I’m focused and I’m ready to get “Back to Business”

Oh and today’s run – 9 miles (was going to stop at 8 but decided to push – refer to run harder above).

Have a great day and go for a walk/run if you get a chance!

Jeff’s Maine Recap 72 Miles Running – 2000 miles Driving!

Just got back from Maine late last night.  I really enjoyed my first visit to this beautiful part of the country.  I was thrilled to be able to get in 72 miles for the week (and 4 runs with Tamara – yeah!).  I wasn’t really expecting to but I ran all 7 days we were there.  My longest run was 16 miles and my shortest was 7 miles.  It was nice to be able to run in cooler temperatures (one morning my hands were cold) and I also had a run in the rain.  A few mornings were so foggy that I couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of me.  I love running outside but the treadmill has spoiled me a bit.  It is nice to just wake up and not worry about the weather in the morning.  Boy did we do some driving.  Seems like everything in Maine is so spread out we drove around 2000 miles for the week!  I had a great time.  I’m looking forward to a good week of running and I’m excited to run the Annapolis 10 Miler on Sunday.

A few more pics to share!

Saw this a few mornings

Ran by this stream every day – Beautiful!

Ran through the Robyville covered bridge on my 16 mile run.

Ran this road every day.

Tamara on the famous “Golden Road”

We even found time to have dinner at the Pelletier Loggers Restaurant

Jeff’s Post – Looking Back at July

Tamara and I were talking this morning about running stats and numbers.  This was brought up when I started reading her my July running summary that I was about to post on Facebook.  I’m certain if there was a “puke” button on Facebook I would receive it pretty regularly.  I’m also pretty sure I’m motivating a few people to get off the couch (In fact I’m certain I am since I receive a private message every now and then telling me just that).  I love numbers and stats and Tamara actually created this monster when she gave me a Garmin Forerunner 410 for Christmas.  Since January I have been happily gathering daily running stats that I just love to share!

I’m very happy with July and this is a quick recap.  I ran 29 times (13 outside runs – the rest on the treadmill) – 271 Miles – 38:00 Hours – 35,556 Calories Burned – Longest Run of the month 17.1 miles.  The two days I didn’t run I rode the bike (0 Days off in July!).  I ran 5 times when I was in Ocean City (with one run ending up at the Fractured Prune Donut Shop – yummy).  Tamara and I got to run together 4 times – wish it was more!  I also ran the 1st Annual 4th of July ½ Marathon – well actually I was the only one running it but I hope to get a few others to join me next year!

I’m excited about my race schedule over next few months.  August – The Annapolis 10 Miler – September – Virginia Beach Rock and Roll ½ Marathon – October – The Baltimore Marathon (my first !) – I will be sharing more about my marathon training soon.  I also want to document as much of the experience as I can – more details soon!

And while I’m sharing numbers I just had to look and see how many miles I have in the can from January 1 thru July 31- so far 1,265 miles – Yeah – Looking forward to the rest of the year.

P.S. Congrats to Michael Wardian on winning the San Francisco Marathon – He is a machine and it is fun to follow what he is doing!

Jeff and Tamara – Boardwalk Run Ocean City, MD

Mmmmm Good!

Jeff and Tamara – Ocean City, MD – Notice my running shirt 🙂

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