Tamara’s Daily Post – Going Against My Own Rules!

A month or so ago Jeff and I decided to sign up for the Baltimore 10 Miler, it’s June 18th. As the weeks have sped by with my longest run only being 6 miles, I figured it was time to get more prepared for the upcoming race. I haven’t run a 10 mile race in almost 2 years and I never attempt a race unless I have run that distance comfortably prior to the race (with the exception of my one and only marathon). As impressed as I am by Jeff’s ability to run long distances on the treadmill, I cannot do that – I have mentioned on several occasions that I could never run more then 5 miles on my treadmill. “It’s just not right to run that far on a treadmill – no one does that!” I would say over and over again – and that was my unwritten rule no more then 5 miles! Well…being a working Mom of a 6 year old has caused me to hit the treadmill more then I would have in the past…BB…before baby (yeah, yeah, I know that she hasn’t been a baby in a very long time). A few times over the past few weeks I have run 6 miles – and today I decided I would run 8. Really? And break my own rule!? As I glance at my beautiful princess at 5:30am (who by the way, just graduated Kindergarten yesterday!), I wonder if she would wake up if I just go for a quick hour run outside – just kidding, I actually hope she doesn’t wake so I can get my run in before she starts in with the “Mommy, Mommy” demands of the day. I resort to watching one of my “free HBO weekend” movies that I have on my DVR – “The Hangover”. It’s a silly comedy that indeed kept me smiling for 67 minutes as I ran 8 miles on my treadmill and again…broke my rule, but feel a bit more prepared for the 10 Miler next month!


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