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Jeff’s Post – Running the Pain Away!

I just finished my morning treadmill run (6 miles) and for the first time in a while I didn’t feel a shin pain I’ve been dealing with for a couple weeks.  It felt more muscular (in the front of my leg but not like a shin splint) and started in one leg and then seemed to move to the other.  I’m not sure why I suddenly feel better but I’m thinking it may have been the 10 miles I ran on the treadmill yesterday morning.  My legs just felt really good after that, maybe I ran the pain away.  I’ve had a decent string of runs – starting with a 6 mile run with Tamara on Saturday, 11 early morning miles on Sunday (this run was slow and hilly but I loved watching the sun rise and just love being outside running while the rest of the world is waking up) and 8 treadmill miles on Monday.

We are heading to the beach for a few days next week.  I’m looking forward to some time away from work and a little beach time with Tamara, Samantha and my family.  It also means more running.  Can’t begin to explain how much I love running at the beach!  We have a trip to Wisconsin planned in early August and then I’m in full training mode.  I have the Annapolis 10 Miler in August, RnR Philly 1/2 in September (with Tamara), Army 10 Miler in October (with Tamara) and then I have Marine Corps at the end of October.

Tamara was running in the gym with me this morning and we had a couple funny moments.  The first was when Kacee decided to walk to the other side of the room and tripped over the cord of Tamara’s stand fan causing it to crash to the ground and fall apart (no one was injured 🙂 and the second is just the enjoyment I get watching Tamara’s reactions to what is going on with the Bachelorette.  We both have headphones plugged into the TV’s so I can’t hear what is going on but it is too funny to see her hands flying in the air and see her yelling at the TV.

Tamara took a pic of me during my 11 mile treadmill run yesterday so I thought I would share it.  I will try to sneak a video of her one day as she reacts to her show on the TV.

Have a great day and Happy Running!


I Love Watching Sappy Reality TV While I Run!!!

I keep getting caught up in movies and haven’t made the precious time to catch up with sappy reality TV lately! I have been recording the Bachelorette all season and only watched an episode or two. Last night was the season finale! Can you sense the excitement!??? I was able to watch about an hour of the 2 hour show last night on my DVR – but at 10:30pm I shut it off. When I read my morning email from Jeff this morning he casually mentioned he watched some of the Bachelorette last night too (I must confess I got him hooked on these programs!) and he then told me who won! UGH! I hadn’t finished watching it yet, doesn’t he know it takes me days to watch a 2 hour program! Ok, I forgive him. So when I hit the treadmill this morning I still wanted to watch the last hour of the show. My running is progressively getting better since my leg injury, but my pace still isn’t where I want it to be. I really, really just wanna be in shape so I can finish the RnR 1/2! The miles were ticking by quick I watched Ashley the Bachelorette toy with the emotions of two men that supposedly were both smitten with her. What? They are in Fiji – no fair…I’m on the treadmill in my hot sticky basement at 5am! I lose focus (several times!) as I imagine what it would be like going to Fiji on vacation – then I wonder what it would be like to run there – I’m a runner afterall – have to think about this! I’m almost to my goal of 5 miles when JP proposes to Ashley on the beach in Fiji – she accepts and they start showing flashbacks from the season while playing REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight this Feeling”. I nearly fall off the treadmill as the song floods me with emotions from wonderful memories in my recent past. I watch the young couple strolling happily on the beach, the music plays, tears fill my eyes – oh my goodness – this is TV!! But it’s real, right?? It is reality TV afterall! I glance down and I’ve hit my 5 miles and show ends. Jeez, what a wreck (.com) I am! I can’t wait for the new season to start! Yeah, I’m crazy about these sappy reality TV shows – don’t judge…I still got my run in!!!

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