I Love Watching Sappy Reality TV While I Run!!!

I keep getting caught up in movies and haven’t made the precious time to catch up with sappy reality TV lately! I have been recording the Bachelorette all season and only watched an episode or two. Last night was the season finale! Can you sense the excitement!??? I was able to watch about an hour of the 2 hour show last night on my DVR – but at 10:30pm I shut it off. When I read my morning email from Jeff this morning he casually mentioned he watched some of the Bachelorette last night too (I must confess I got him hooked on these programs!) and he then told me who won! UGH! I hadn’t finished watching it yet, doesn’t he know it takes me days to watch a 2 hour program! Ok, I forgive him. So when I hit the treadmill this morning I still wanted to watch the last hour of the show. My running is progressively getting better since my leg injury, but my pace still isn’t where I want it to be. I really, really just wanna be in shape so I can finish the RnR 1/2! The miles were ticking by quick I watched Ashley the Bachelorette toy with the emotions of two men that supposedly were both smitten with her. What? They are in Fiji – no fair…I’m on the treadmill in my hot sticky basement at 5am! I lose focus (several times!) as I imagine what it would be like going to Fiji on vacation – then I wonder what it would be like to run there – I’m a runner afterall – have to think about this! I’m almost to my goal of 5 miles when JP proposes to Ashley on the beach in Fiji – she accepts and they start showing flashbacks from the season while playing REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight this Feeling”. I nearly fall off the treadmill as the song floods me with emotions from wonderful memories in my recent past. I watch the young couple strolling happily on the beach, the music plays, tears fill my eyes – oh my goodness – this is TV!! But it’s real, right?? It is reality TV afterall! I glance down and I’ve hit my 5 miles and show ends. Jeez, what a wreck (.com) I am! I can’t wait for the new season to start! Yeah, I’m crazy about these sappy reality TV shows – don’t judge…I still got my run in!!!


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