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Jeff’s Post – Weekend Recap – Nine – Thirteen – Out of Gas!

I’m happy putting 47.7 miles in the books last week.  This is my highest total in a few months and for the most part I feel good.  Last week was treadmill runs (10K a day) Monday thru Thursday, Friday off and outdoor runs on Saturday and Sunday.  I’m one of the event organizers for and Saturday we were having one of our planning meetings.  I decided early last week that I wanted to run to the meeting.  I figured why not run to a meeting about running, makes perfect sense to me.  I also like to add something like this to switch things up a bit.  This was a new running route for me which was nice.  I woke up Saturday morning excited but with an immediate concern about the weather.  It was a warmer morning (in the 50’s) but rain was all around us.  As I drove to my launch point it began to rain but I decided I was running regardless and I did.  I was lucky as the rain held off for the entire run and I finished the 9 miles with a 7:55 pace.  This was a hilly route and I had some stomach issues the night before so I was thrilled with both the pace and finish.  I got the gold star award for running to the meeting but there was also a mention that I need to run back next time (I caught a ride back with my brother – slacker).  Don’t these people know that they shouldn’t challenge me?  I will be running to the meeting and back home next time – Put that in your running shoes!

Tamara and I are still in training for Rock and Roll USA in DC and we wanted to get in a longer run on Sunday (Thanks mom and dad for the help!) Tamara was messing with me for most the weekend first telling me she wanted to run 4 then 14 so I had no idea how far she wanted to go.  As soon as we were about to start I look over to her and ask “so how far” and she says 10 – 14.  We take off on a long loop course that I have run before (and dang it I forgot the camera!).  The beginning of the run felt warm but somewhere around the 6 mile mark things changed.  The clouds started rolling in and the dang wind would not stop.  It felt like we had a headwind the whole time.  I started to get cold and started to mentally check out of this run.  We also started this run around noon and I only ate breakfast.  For some reason I don’t pay the same attention to fuel and hydration in the winter months – mistake!  I tend to always harp on Tamara for these issues but today she had both her Gatorade and Gu and I had nothing.  Tamara is crazy on Gu btw.  I can instantly tell when that stuff starts kicking in and today it was all I could do to keep up.  We decided on the way back that we were going to stop at 12 but as we got closer to our finish I knew we would be a little short. We agreed to add a loop around a few office buildings to get to 12.  As we were nearing 12 I look over to Tamara and ask are we just going to stop at 12 or run back to my parents and see where we end up she says “I think I’m going for 13”.  I’m a bit delirious at this point from the lack of food and hydration and I’m thinking to myself – yep that is what we should do while at the same time my mind and body are saying “huh”.  We begin the finish to 13 and for a moment I stop running then I hear a little voice in my head saying “what the???…really you can’t stop”.  So I start again at one point Tamara looks at me and says “I can’t pick you up if you collapse” This I realize but I was quietly hoping she would at least take the phone from my SPibelt and call for help if needed.  We finish the 13 and I couldn’t be happier to have this run over.  The last 5 miles or so all I could think about was eating a piece of strawberry cake that my mom made and that was the first thing I did when I got to their house.  I was so proud of Tamara on this run – she not only ran and finished strong in hilly, windy, cold conditions but she absolutely helped carry me through when I was struggling.  Thanks Tamara for always being there when I need it.  I love my running partner in so many ways!  Today’s run was one of those humbling runs that remind me to respect my distances and prepare accordingly – I promise I will next time!  Our run wasn’t awful pace wise we finished with an 8:18 pace which I will take all things considered.

Hope you had a good running weekend and good luck on the upcoming week!

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