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Jeff’s Post – Quick Weekend Recap!

Wow – the weekend just flew by.  The basement remodel is in full swing but we found time for a few runs.  Saturday we got up early and went for a speedy 4.85 miles – ( I know – we should have gone 5 but Tamara said no).  This was such a fun run and there was definitely some racing going on.  We ended up with a 7:25 pace – No world records but it was fun to go fast and I loved how we pushed each other.  After our run we headed to Lifetime Fitness and finally bought Tamara’s new Treadmill.  She ended up picking out the Landice L8.  This such a nice machine and after 10 years on her current Nordic Track I think she deserves it!  Now I want one :).  We should be getting it in around 3 weeks – They are waiting for us to finish the gym!  Saturday night we stayed up until 2:30 am painting the gym (don’t you love the color) – Then after a few hours sleep we went for another fun 3.1 miles on Sunday morning.  We ended the weekend with a nice Mother’s Day brunch with my parents.

Hope you have a great running week!



Jeff’s Post – Failure to Blog :)

Wow – Really having a difficult time finding the time to blog.  We have so many house things going on at the moment (painting rooms upstairs – finishing the basement – basically another house) everything is in a bit of an uproar.  I last left you owing a Part III (the after party) of the Ocean City ½ marathon.  Let’s just say we had a great time (pictures are on flickr to the right of this post).  We had such a great time that Tamara was THRILLED with me when I insisted that we run 6 miles on the boardwalk the next morning and even more THRILLED with me when we were running a very slow pace and I made the comment “I want this to be a respectable run” – oops did I say that out loud :).   We may not be blogging as frequently but don’t worry we are still running.  We were able to get in two nice easy runs over the weekend (6 and 4 miles) and then I pounded out 10 miles on the treadmill on Monday.  Today was an off day but I’m hoping to hit the treadmill hard tomorrow.  At the moment I’m getting in between 30 – 40 miles per week and I’m good with that for the next month or so.  I see running and a lot of painting in our future.  I’m hoping Tamara and I can go and buy her new treadmill this weekend.  She is looking at a Landice.  We are still about 3 weeks away from the gym being finished.  I can’t wait to get things set up and can’t wait to see how far and fast we can push ourselves.

That’s it for now – need to vacuum up some drywall dust so I won’t be breathing it in on the treadmill tomorrow.  Thanks for reading and go for a run if you get a chance!

The New Gym!

Jeff’s Post – Ready to Run in OC!

Tamara and I are heading out for another running weekend.  This weekend is the Ocean City, MD ½ Marathon.  I love Ocean City and have been going there since I was a kid.  So many great memories and it really feels like a second home.  I’m running the ½, not sure what Tamara is doing yet.  They have a 5k that she wants to run if she can get in (currently it is sold out).  I tried to talk her into the ½ yesterday but she wasn’t going for it.  There is an after party at Seacrets so that should be fun.  The weather continues to be all over the place.  Last weekend I ran 10 miles in shorts and no shirt tomorrow they are calling for lows in the 40’s (not looking forward to that).  I’m hoping the rain and wind will hold off.  This is a pretty fast course so I’m hoping to finally push my ½ time under 1:40.  That is my goal but I won’t beat myself up if I don’t get there because I know I will at some point soon.  My temporary treadmill fix is holding up and I had a good running week – 10 miles on Monday, 6 on Tuesday and 8 on Wednesday.  I decided to take Thursday and Friday off.  I took two days off before Cherry Blossom and that worked really well so I figured I would try it again. 

The basement is moving along.  Tamara and I picked out paint for the gym yesterday a nice bright yellow.  Really can’t wait to get that set up.  Tamara and I are going to have some serious treadmill racing going on in about a month.  Speaking of treadmills, I posted a pic of my broken treadmill on the Nordic Track facebook page and they instantly contacted me, which was nice.  Parts for my treadmill are in the mail and I hope to get that fixed next week.  Tamara will be ordering her new treadmill soon.  I think she is leaning towards a Landice.  It is a really nice treadmill and made in the USA!

Hope you have great run/races this weekend and stay tuned for my Ocean City ½ recap!

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