Jeff’s Post – An Update!

Our posting frequency will pick up soon but we are still consumed by all things house related.  We are making progress but I won’t lie I’m almost over the basement remodel.  It is looking great but I can’t wait to get it done and be done with the dust – I’ve never seen so much dust.  We were so busy that we skipped Warrior Dash this weekend.  We could have gone (it was a few miles from the house) but there was just too much to do.  We ate the registration fee.  I hated to do that but sometimes you just have to punt.  I did manage to get a nice 6 mile run in on Friday.  I went out like gang busters with a 6:40 pace for mile 1 and 7:00 for mile 2 but then all the painting caught up to me and I slowed to an average pace of 7:40.  Tamara and I were able to squeeze a run in on Saturday.  Once again we were painting since the wee hours and were both tired but we managed 5 miles at a decent pace.  I took Sunday and Monday off.  Tomorrow is an exciting day – Tamara’s new treadmill (Landice L8) should be arriving and I will also be moving my treadmill to the new gym.  I posted a few gym pics of the gym progress below – Note all the dust in the air from the flooring.

Started the day off right with 6 treadmill miles this morning.  Have a great day and go for a run if you get a chance!


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