Jeff’s Post – A Great weekend for “Werrunners” – Part 1!

Tamara and I are on a little bit of a roll and it feels great!  I always like to start off by bragging for Tamara a little.  I signed up for the Ocean City ½ Marathon months ago.  I really wanted to run a spring marathon but nothing seemed to be working out so the Ocean City ½ was a little present I gave to myself.  Tamara didn’t want to run another ½ during this timeframe but she is always there to support me.  She decided last week that she didn’t just want to be a spectator and would sign up for the 5k….but the 5k was full (neither one of us expected that).  She was more than a bit bummed.  Thankfully the race opened up some charity slots for packet pickup day and she was able to get a slot.  I was so happy and I know she was too – she loves to compete.  I will let her blog about it but lets just say that she took home a big trophy – Amazing!  I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to witness it.

Ok – This is my post and it is all about me so enough about Tamara :).  Quick Background – This is the smallest (approx 1800 ½ marathoners) and first non Rock N Roll ½ Marathon that I have participated in.  This was my first point to point race (loved it!).  Ocean City feels like a second home to me at times.  I went there every summer as a kid, I feel like I know the town very well.  So logistically this race was a breeze and stress free.  We have also become pretty efficient at traveling and running.

Pre Race – Tamara and I both worked a ½ day on Friday and then left for our approximately 4 hour trip to Ocean City.  We arrived at packet pickup and everything was set up well and went really smooth.  On our way out there was a small tent set up with one vendor (a little different than some of the other expos!).  I like pizza the night before I run so we found a local pizza place for dinner.  As I mentioned earlier, I have many great memories of Ocean City and this past summer I contacted some of my cousins, pooled some $$ and bought a bench on the boardwalk in memory of my grandparents.  This was my first trip to Ocean City since the bench was installed and I wanted to see and sit on it.  We found the bench and I took a few moments to put my feet up and gaze at the ocean.  I thought about my grandparents, the many great memories and my upcoming race – a really nice moment it was!  We took some pictures and headed back to the hotel.

Race Morning – The ½ started at 7:00am (love both a Saturday race and an early start).  The race was providing buses from Seacrets to the inlet where the race starts and when I went to bed Friday that is what I was thinking we would do.  But when we woke up Saturday the temps were in the 40’s and we both thought it would be better to drive and stay warm in the car (parking was right beside the start line).  This would have been tough if we were both running the ½ but Tamara’s 5k started at the same spot and we figured she would have enough time to run, drive back to the hotel and then walk a few blocks to the after party to meet me.  The car decision was a great one.  I stayed in the car until around 20 minutes before the race start and that definitely made the experience more comfortable.  I also feel like I’m beginning to nail my race day nutrition routine.  Thin crust cheese pizza works really well for me the night before and I’m eating Oatmeal (same thing I eat every day) closer to the race start time and then I’m eating energy beans 15 minutes before race start.  I made my way to the start line (no corrals to worry about which was nice).  They sang the national anthem and then began the countdown…………….

Stay tuned for my ½  running recap – I’m really happy with my results!


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