Tamara’s Post – Getting Older, Getting Faster!

I’m a bit behind in posting this race review…last Thursday I ran a local 5K race. It is the Earth Day 5K that is held onboard the Naval Air Station at Patuxent River (which is an awesome place to run!) at 11am (yup, in the middle of the workday). I actually won the woman’s race in 2009 and 2010, but was out of town last year. I knew there was a slight chance I could win it again although that was not my complete focus…I was determined to beat my 5K PR of 21:50. It’s a small event with 128 runners, so I toed the start line right next to all the sailors (whom I was pretty sure I could beat the majority of). What a beautiful day – the sun was shining and the breeze was almost non-existent…I was ready to run my butt off on this pancake flat course. A woman (girl really) ran next to me for about ¾ of a mile – she was pushing me to run at my maximum potential (or perhaps beyond). When she easily pulled out in front of me, I knew I wouldn’t catch her again. When I got to mile 1 some guy was calling out splits (hate that because I didn’t want to know) and I heard 6:39. Huh? Are you talking to me? Yikes! No way can I maintain that – but let me try my best! At the turnaround I notice another woman just behind me…and she pulls in front of me at mile 2…no problem, just keep the pace and you’ll PR. I pick off sailor after sailor in their bright yellow shirts that say NAVY on the back. I keep the 2 women in sight as I round the corner and see the beach house where the finish line is located. One more sailor gets in my way (did I mention this was all about me?) and I say loudly “Pick it up!”…he glances over his shoulder and runs faster (good thing because I was about to tell him to get the heck outta my way). I focus on the finish line and sprint. I was grinning ear to ear when I saw the clock…PR!! My time was 21:17!! I was the 12th finisher out of 128 runners – I’ll take that! I’m excited that as I get older I get more determined, disciplined, and best of all…faster!


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  1. Nice job. Congrats on the PR!

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