Jeff’s Post – Catching Up!

Seems like it has been forever since I last wrote a post.  The frequency will return in a month or so we just have a bunch of things going on at the moment.  I will try to catch you up without writing a book or boring you to death!  Tamara and I continue to have good runs.  We both have a desire to get faster.  I’m looking forward to the spring/summer as we take our workouts to the hills and track to improve our speed and fitness.  The week in review:  Coming off my Hospice 10k I took Sunday off, Ran 10 treadmill miles on Monday, 8 Treadmill Miles on Tuesday, 6 on Wednesday and took Thursday Off.  On Friday Tamara and I worked a 1/2 day and then headed over to Solomons Island, Md (about 2o minutes away) to celebrate the opening of the local Tiki Bar with thousands of our friends.  We decided to play it safe and get a room for the night.

We checked in around 1 and then headed out for a 6 mile run.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great run.  We ran down and checked out the Tiki Bar (it opened at noon) and then ran around the island.  It was another one of those memorable runs.  We took our time and just enjoyed everything that was going on around us.  At the end of our run we stopped at a barbeque place to get something to eat and then headed back to the room to get ready for the afternoon.  We walked around 1 1/2 miles from the hotel to Tiki and got there around 4.  It was just a beautiful afternoon and evening.  We had a great time, enjoyed a few of  Tiki’s famous Kokomo drinks and then spent the evening dancing and singing away to a great band called One Louder.  I wasn’t sure if I would get a run in on Saturday but the weather was great again and my treadmill was folded and covered for the basement remodel.  They were calling for rainy/windy/cold weather on Sunday so I figured I better take advantage of this opportunity.  I won’t lie, I was slowed a bit by a few too many Kokomos the night before but I was thrilled to get in 10 miles.  It was fun to just go out and run under the hot sun and take it easy.  As I mentioned the basement remodel is in full swing.  We are in the middle of drywall and I’ve had my treadmill covered and folded since Wed of last week.  We are moving the gym one room over but for the moment the treadmill is in the old gym (which will become a playroom).  I decided last night that I was going to unfold the treadmill and just run on it Monday morning.  Well as I was lowering the treadmill I heard a snap and noticed the bolt holding the frame to the deck had broken off.  I won’t lie I panicked a bit.  I quickly came upstairs and looked up a parts diagram for the treadmill to see what I was dealing with.  I saw that I could probably fix it enough to get my run in.  After a few trips out to the shed looking for bolts and a few strips of duct tape I was able to get a temporary fix.  My test for the fix was this morning and the fix worked.  I had one of those great treadmill runs.  I’m normally watching two TV’s while I run and I had nothing this morning since everything is unhooked.  I only had my ipod and I was worried that I would have TV withdrawal but it was the exact opposite.  It was just a great run and I ran 10 miles.  It reminded me of the early running days and was really so relaxing.  I swear I think I could have gone another 10 miles but I didn’t have the time.  A few last running notes – Tamara and I just loved watching/listening to the Boston and London Marathons this week.  Boston is a dream of mine and I find all the stories and coverage so inspirational.  I’m confident that Tamara could qualify for Boston tomorrow, I have a ways to go but I dream of the day we will run it together.  Last running note – I have a 1/2 Marathon this weekend in Ocean City.  I will post updates later in the week.  Last last running note – I find out in a few days if I made the lottery for New York………excited…….

Sorry for the long post – Thank you for taking the time to read and share in our journey – you inspire us!  I have posted a few pics below enjoy!


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