Tamara’s Post – Run for Hospice Race Report

I have been running this race for years…there is a 5K and a 10K…I always run the 5K, it’s my tradition. It is our biggest local race and I love seeing how much the race grows from year to year. There are hundreds (how many Jeff?) of walkers in the 5K – more walkers than runners – it’s a great cause and the community looks forward to this event. Jeff is one of the organizers and I felt guilty I didn’t help (ok, I’m over it!), but it was wonderful sleeping in and driving 10 minutes to the race just in time for a warm-up jog (yup, it’s good to be me!). I went into the race hoping to break a 22:46 – my PR for this course, but not my 5K PR. I had zero expectations about beating anyone else there – until some guy at the start line was bragging about how he passes people the entire way (ok, guy in the yellow shirt – let’s see how fast you can really run!). I chatted with another woman that I’ve known for years – she’s from outta town and I knew she could run a sub-20:00. The best thing about this race was the “no BS start” (that’s what I call it) – meaning they played the National Anthem and then BANG, the gun goes off. LOVE THAT! No anxiously standing around while the race director rambles and no one listens – just go! The course goes down a long driveway and splits for the 10K to turn (bye, bye 10Kers – wouldn’t wanna be ya!). The road through Leonardtown was under construction and a bit tore up, but it didn’t bother me. I just focused on the 2 women ahead of me (one that I chatted with earlier and the other a good running friend of mine) and ran. At mile 1 I spot my friend – in the yellow shirt – he tries to pick it up (waste of time, buddy!) and I whiz by him while looking straight ahead and focusing on the course (oops, was that a little dust I stirred up?). Just then I get passed by another woman (ok, guess I was a bit overly confident when I passed the yellow shirt dude) – now I’m the 4th woman – maybe I can hold the rest back. We round a building and then run down a pretty steep hill (ugh, I don’t know how fast to run…) as we round a corner and head back up another hill I know I’ve slowed. I note the quaint little coffee shop in town (no wonder I slowed, I’m sightseeing!) and see an “Open” sign in the window (should I stop?!)…I decide to keep running. As I pass mile 2, I’m now back on the loop part of the course and get to see the hundreds (how many again?) of runners and walkers behind me. Every year people holler my name, no one hollers at me – I’m disappointed (this is all about me, isn’t it?!) and decide to just focus (found out after the race that Jeff’s Mom did holler at me – guess I really was focusing!). At mile 2 ½ I’m passed by another woman (really a girl – so that doesn’t count!) and now I’m the 5th woman. Pick it up, pick it up. As I round the corner back to the Leonardtown Governmental Center my friend standing on the side of the course hollers at me (finally, someone recognizes me!). I sprint as fast as I can to the finish – I see the clock, it flipped 22:00 and I finish in 22:15 a decent “course PR”! I’m happy! I find the woman I was chatting with earlier (yup, she won the 5K for women in 19:31) and we head back down to find our 10K friends. I mingle on the course until I spot Jeff – he looked fast and incredibly strong as he sprinted to finish the 10K for a PR. We hang out after the race and enjoy the post-race buffet while socializing with our running friends. I ended up being the 5th woman (yeah, the girl counted) and 2nd in my age group (scored a medal!). My splits were 7:00, 7:22 (darn sightseeing!), and 7:08…I’ll take it…another race successful completed!






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