Tamara’s Post – ACB (After the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler) #cucb

It’s been 1 1/2 weeks since the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC and my knees are still achy! Why does it take me so long to recover from a race? I love this race…love it! It’s been years…(maybe 1999?) since the last time I ran the CB, so I was super excited we got in the lottery. Jeff did a great race recap – so here is my short & sweet version! After getting a 1/2 marathon PR at the DC RnR, I went into the CB race with an expectation of another PR. I needed to run a 1:22 and I remember getting to the 10 mile mark at RnR DC at 1:17 – so I thought I had it in the bag. The CB course is what I would expect in DC (unlike the hilly RnR DC course), it is flat and fast. I ran at a sub-7:30 pace for quite a few miles and was pleased by how I felt (a tiny side stitch appeared a few times – but that wasn’t enough to slow me down). I loved being able to see the weaving and zig zagging of the runners at different portions on the course as you could look to your right or left and see the runners in front and/or behind you. I took it all in. I noticed quite a few signs people were holding – I noticed the cherry blossoms were completely gone. I took in the sights – something I didn’t do at RnR. I slowed a bit running toward Hain’s Point – ugh – it was long and boring and I looked out at the water to take my mind off the unending road ahead of me. The race seemed to fly by – perhaps it was my speed?! I was very happy to see the final little uphill before the finish (and so glad I saw that on the elevation map!). When I crossed the finish line and saw the 1:16 on my Garmin I could have cried with excitement! Wow – a PR by 7 minutes! Jeff was way ahead of me – after my sneaky finish 30 seconds ahead of him at RnR he wasn’t gonna let me beat him again…he was waiting for me at the finish and we both grinned ear to ear with our awesome PRs. I know the achiness in my knees will go away – and as any other runner would understand – the PR was well worth it!


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