Jeff’s Post – Weekend Recap

Tamara and I took it easy (running wise) this weekend.  We are in between races (Rock ‘n Roll last weekend – Cherry Blossom this weekend) and we are both still nursing sore legs so we thought it would be best to take a little break.  We decided we would take Saturday off and go for a run on Sunday.

We have been a bit spoiled with the weather this year and weren’t so excited (especially Tamara) when we woke up and it was cloudy with a light rain and temperatures in the low 50’s.  We wanted to run someplace different and ended up driving a few minutes from the house so we could run down a new road.  Tamara made me laugh multiple times as we were getting ready to get out of the car.  A few comments she made: I’m tired wake me up when you get back, I don’t want to run it is too cold, My legs hurt you just go, I’m retiring from running and a few other things.  I’ve heard these comments before so I knew with a little push I could get her out of the car.

We decided beforehand that we would only go 5 miles and that it would be an easy 5.  We have been pushing it on training runs lately so it was nice to run at a little slower pace.  We ended up talking the whole run (which we don’t normally do) and the 5 miles just flew by.  I forgot my camera but we ended up running down to an old marina and turned around at the end of a long pier. We both commented on how much fun this run was and it turned out to be one of the more enjoyable runs we have had in a long time.


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