Jeff’s Post – Boosterthon Fun!

Yesterday, for the first time in ages, Tamara and I were race spectators.  What made this so enjoyable is that we were spectators for a race that Samantha was running in.  Samantha and her school were participating in the “Boosterthon”.  This is basically a race where the students raise money for the school by getting a pledge per lap and then run laps around a track set up outside.  She did great completing all 35 laps.  Seeing her dart through the crowd reminded me of Tamara at so many of our race starts.  As the run was about to begin they played the National Anthem. Tamara and I looked at each other and we both had that “Lets Run” look.  Tamara even mentioned that she was nervous (she always has a bit of nerves at a race start).  It was great to see all the kids out there active and running.  I’m secretly hoping that Samantha catches the running bug.  I love watching her run and would love to be running beside her one day!

Getting excited as we are 3 days away from Rock n Roll USA.  I ran 6 miles on the treadmill this morning.  I’m shutting it down until race day – Next planned mileage 13.1.


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  1. Jeff!

    My name is Robert with the Boosterthon Fun Run! Thanks so much for tagging us on your website and glad to hear that your family enjoyed our event. We’d love to share your website and this post on our Facebook page – (we love it when parents model great habits – FITNESS – for their children. Would you mind if we shared your website? Let me know at Thanks!


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