Jeff’s Post – Weekend Recap – Taking it Easy!

This is the first weekend in a long time that I’ve only run one day and only six miles at that.  Rewind a few days back to Thursday.  Tamara and I planned a 10 mile run after work.  I wasn’t 100% sure if we would be able to get it in so I went ahead and ran 6 miles on the treadmill that morning.  My legs were sore during the morning run so I was a little concerned about how I would make out in the afternoon.  Well, I knew right away this afternoon run wasn’t going to be easy.  I was struggling during mile 1 and by mile 2 my calf starting hurting.  I’ve never really experienced any muscle pain so I was hoping it would just go away but It didn’t and I had one of the more miserable runs that I can remember.  I finished the 10 miles in 1:20 not a bad pace but by the time I got home I could barely walk.  The next morning my calf felt a little better (a good sign in my opinion) but I still decided to take a few days off.  This morning I wanted to test the leg a bit.  I could still feel my calf around mile 2 but it wasn’t that bad and I wanted to get in 6 miles so I just ran.  I was actually very pleased after.  I could still feel some pain but not nearly as bad as Thursday.  Even with the days off I ended up getting in 36 miles for the week so I’m happy.  As long as the leg holds out I plan on running 6-8 miles on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and will probably take Thursday and Friday off in preparation for Rock N Roll USA in DC.  Tamara and I are very excited to Rock DC next weekend.  Tamara has had some incredible runs leading up to this race and I have no doubt she will Rock DC.  I’ve had a few tough runs but you can bet your best pair of running shorts that I will also Rock DC!

Have a great week and Happy Running!

Tamara and I enjoyed a little Ice Cream at Carl's in Fredericksburg, VA today.


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