Tamara’s Post – Love PR’ing in a Training Run!

I’ve run faster in my last two 10 mile training runs then I ever have in a 10 mile race! I’m excited about the prospect of setting a PR at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in DC on April 1st. I will admit that having a training partner (thanks Jeff!) that runs faster then me has helped my pace tremendously. It is wonderful running beside someone that is taller and faster but still runs beside you for pretty much the entire run – he pushes me without even knowing it. I’m not feeling in peak racing condition physically at the moment – I think I have alot more work to do – and I want to get stronger. But I’m thrilled to be running the pace I am! We ran a 1:21 10 miler this afternoon and I’m hoping I can run as good a pace in my upcoming races! Now time for some well-deserved rest!!


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  1. I am running the Cherry Blossom too! I am so excited! Maybe I will see you there!

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