Jeff’s Post – OORAH I’M IN!

I’m more than excited to be one of the 30k or so people who registered for the 37th Marine Corps Marathon yesterday.  This will be my first Marine Corps Marathon.  The event sold out in a record 2 hours and 41 minutes. The fastest registration sell out in marathon history – not just MCM, but the entire United States!  I was worried for a while as Active and the Marine Corps site kept crashing but I finally made it in.  It is just an amazing time to be a runner right now.  It seems like this sport and all the events around it are just blowing up.  I loved all the excitement and activity on facebook and Twitter during the registration – So much fun!  I’m also in the lottery for New York which takes place the week after Marine Corps (I will find out in late April if I make it in).  Could be an amazing few weeks!

6 Treadmill miles this morning – Have a great running day!


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  1. Yah! You are going to love it. The “trick” to loving it though is making sure your race day logisitics are seamless! I have plenty of pointers for you though. Are you guys running the National 1/2 next weekend?

    • Thanks for the comment Jessica – I’m definitely excited to run this special race. Yes, I’m always concerned about getting the logistics right and would welcome any suggestions/comments you have. We are staying at the host hotel – not 100% sure how close that is to the start – need to figure all that out. And Yes, we are running the National 1/2 next weekend – are you running it? Thanks again for the comment and advice! Wishing you continued good luck with the Boston training!

  2. I just glanced at this post again and thought “why is he posting about Oprah?” hahahahaha! -T

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