Jeff’s Post – Oh What a Feeling!

We all have reasons why we run.  I have many but I keep going back to one thing.  The great feeling and sense of accomplishment I have when I finish a run.  It really doesn’t matter if it is a short fast run or a nice weekend long run.  The feeling at the end is the payback for the occasional struggle during the run.  There have been times, in the middle of a run, I have had feelings of misery but not once at the end have I said “wish I didn’t do that”.  Running will pay you back in many ways but there is nothing better than the “High Five” running gives you at the end!

6 strong, fast treadmill miles this morning.  Have a great day and remember that great feeling that will be waiting at the end of your run!


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  1. Love those days! That is why we run!

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