Tamara’s Post – I’m a Mommy First – a Runner Second…

I can’t seem to find time to blog…the craziness of life gets in my way…and when I do find time I seem to always write about my Mommy issues/stories…so here goes another… I’ve been struggling recently with getting my early morning runs in. My 7 year old has been waking up way too early (before 5am), scared – and just wants me to lay with her. How can I say no? When she is 25 years old what will matter more? That I comforted her when she was scared – or that I got a run in while she dealt with her feelings alone? I was a runner long before I became a Mom – but I am a Mommy first and a runner second. I put my daughter in front of running and everything else in my life. It’s my choice – and it’s the only choice I can live with. Sure, I sometimes still get my runs in later – or days later – and I’m grouchy at work because I haven’t run. But my mind is at ease knowing I am raising my daughter the best I can by giving her the things I believe she needs – like a Mom that is there for her, comforts her, and makes her feel loved. I didn’t get my run in this morning – I literally put my foot down on the treadmill when a little voice called “Mommy, I’m scared…”. I spent the time I would have been on the treadmill laying beside my daughter until she fell back asleep which meant I didn’t have time to run before we had to get ready for work and school. Jeff knew I was in need of a run (mentally more than physically) so he played ball in the backyard with Samantha while I went for a run after work (huge thank you!). I think I got the best deal since it was 70 degrees out!! J This early morning waking that is causing me to miss my runs will pass – I will survive, I will still be able to run and race – and…I will also remember the precious moments that I was able to spend with my daughter making her feel protected, safe, and loved because I’m a Mommy first…


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  1. Tamara, I love your posts, even if I have to wait longer to get them. This week, today especially, I decided not to run for several reasons. My hips hurt after a 11 mile run on Sunday, but more importantly I needed some time with my girls! We are going away this weekend so I won’t see them for two days (but looking forward to a break) so I spent time playing with them outside instead. I plan on getting a nice long run in on Saturday. Thanks for your posts! It’s great to hear from another mommy runner!

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