Jeff’s Post – Running thru the Poo!

Hmmm – never thought I would put the word “poo” in a blog post but I just did and it isn’t the “Who has the Runs” (read about us here) type of “poo” you might be thinking about.  It isn’t even the occasional horse “poo” that we had to run through on our Sunday long run.  It is more about what running allows me to do.  A morning run puts me in a good frame of mind to deal with some of the “poo” of the day.  It gives me a strong mind and makes me quick on my feet.  Thanks to running, I’m able to react and escape quickly if I see the “poo” piling up.  I can even respond better to all of the “emergency poo” situations that arise during the day.  Thank you running for allowing me to deal with the occasional “stink” of the day – I am better because of you!

Can’t really believe I just wrote this post but one thing I have found out about the running community is that they openly talk about “poo” so I was pretty certain I wouldn’t offend anyone.

6 Treadmill miles this morning – Wishing you a happy running day!


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  1. Good thing I didn’t write this post – my language wouldn’t have been so nice! Or…I would have written about the real piles of poo I find in my living room frequently! -T

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