Jeff’s Post – A Nice Double!

Tamara and I were able to squeeze in an afternoon run yesterday which is rare during the week.  After a few weeks of very long days at work we decided to reward ourselves and leave work a ½ hour early (getting a little crazy!).  It was a beautiful day (around 70 degrees) and I was excited to run the 10 mile loop on our local Navy base.  I absolutely love running on the base.  The base is surrounded by water and yesterday there was so much activity in the air.  There is nothing better than jets and helicopters zipping by you fast and low while you run. One of our co-workers also joined us for the run.  I like the dynamic of adding a new person to a run every once in a while.  We all run a similar pace and I felt like we all ran faster yesterday because we were pushing each other a bit.  We had our headphones on and we were just running and taking turns leading the pack.  We finished our 10 miles strong with an average pace just under 8:00. I ran 6 miles on the treadmill earlier in the day so this run was a double for me.  I like running doubles when I can, especially when the second run is outside.  All in all a great running day!

Today is a rest day for me – Hope you have a great day and Happy Running!


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  1. Wow! fantastic day you have there and you got a nice double. Have fun!

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