Tamara’s Post – A TOUGH 10 miles…

I’m baaaccckkk!!! After an insane work schedule for the past several weeks ending in 12+ to 16 hour days, I was thrilled to be able to run outside yesterday. I needed 10 miles as part of my RnR DC training. We took the camera although running through a local large subdivision wasn’t all that scenic. As soon as my foot hit the ground I knew this was gonna be a tough one…and frankly it just plain hurt. Why? My entire body was exhausted from my crazy schedule, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and minor dehydration. The miles seemed to go by soooo slowly. We stopped at 4.5 miles because I needed a drink. Jeff asked if I felt ok…I said no…he asked if we should keep going…”Hell yeah”image

I said…I needed to get my miles in no matter how bad I felt. The last 5 miles were tough and dragged on…I got disoriented a few times…dehydration again most likely…but we finished 10 still maintaing an 8:20 pace. Glad I got the miles in…no way I would have done it without Jeff beside me. I’m happy the crazy work schedule is over (for now!) so I can concentrate on my running…and getting myself back to normal!


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  1. Nice to have a built in running partner. I lost mine to knee surgeries. Maybe when they figure out how to re-grow cartilage, I’ll get him back!

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