Jeff’s Post – Weekend Recap – A Run Through Bushwood!

Tamara and I were able to get in two runs over the weekend.  One of my hopes for 2012 was to be able to run more with Tamara and so far we have been able to run every weekend (Thanks Mom and Dad!) – Plain and Simple – We run better when we are running together and we are better runners because of each other.  The weather in Maryland this winter continues to be warmer than normal and this weekend was no exception.  It was in the 40’s during both of our runs which is just great this time of year.

On Saturday we continued our “Run Where We Live Tour” with a run to Bushwood Wharf.  Saturday was a pretty dreary day and we were right on the edge of rain.  Tamara wanted to get in 8 miles and we got a bit of a late start so I was worried that we might get caught in a downpour.  We ditched the car at a local park and started our run.  We passed some nice country scenery but I will admit this was my least favorite of our “Scenic Runs”.  Probably had to do with the weather or maybe because we got a late start but I wasn’t really feeling this run early on.  I even told Tamara on the way back that I’m fine just stopping when we get back to the car.  She said “lets see” which I knew really meant – nope I’m going to keep going (please see above – “We are better runners because of each other”).  Once we got to 6 miles I started to feel much better and we finished the 8 miles really strong.

Tamara had 4 miles on tap for Sunday and I was happy to be along for the ride.  We had a great run in between rain drops and my last mile on a pretty hilly terrain was at about a 7:00pace.  I really really like where we are at with our running right now.  I feel like we are both running strong and are at a really good place mentally.  I can’t wait to se where we are going to be over the next few months.  We both have that “swagger” and I can’t wait to take it racing!

Ahhh – Super Bowl Sunday!  Looking forward to a great game and eating some junk food guilt free a little later.  I love that running allows us to cheat every once in a while.

Please take a look at the #TwitteCharityRun–  Registrations are rolling in and we would love to have you join us on a virtual run and raise money for a charity of your choice at the same time!

Have a great day – Happy Running!


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