Tamara’s Post – I Wanna Get Faster!

That’s my goal – it sounds simple. I just want to be faster! But how?! Last year I raced some of my best times in 15 years, but that’s not good enough. I want to really get faster…I want the magic “get faster” wand – anyone have one? My race times are irrelevant to my goal. And I know if I asked any veteran runner, they would say “speedwork” and then they would say “track workouts”. And I would nod and smile…and think to myself “how the heck am I gonna fit that into my crazy busy life?!” So I am convinced I need to find some treadmill speed workouts – I’m sure my friend Google will point me in the right direction. I would prefer to do my speedwork outside – I’ve done my share of track speed workouts with my super-fast running friends in the past…but I just can’t fit that into my life at the moment. Every morning that I get on the treadmill I think about how to get faster and think about how I need to find a treadmill workout – and then I struggle through my 3-5 mile run at 4:45am and wonder if it is even possible after sleeping for 6 (sometimes less) hours a night. I’m not very optimistic at the moment. I need some motivation…I need a race…a big race…a big race in the city…a big race in DC…soon. So – that’s it – I’ve got a pre-plan…I’m going to find a treadmill workout, a big race in the city, and I’m gonna get some sleep…my luck I will dream about running and still be tired in the morning! Good night!


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  1. The first step is setting the goal. Pick a target pace time and then have Jeff start kicking your butt- he’s running fast these days! But you can do speed work or hills on the treadmill, which will both help. Plus, it allows you to feel your pace a little bit knowing exactly how fast you want to go. And your friend Google should help- there are plenty of plans out there you could adapt for treadmill runs. As far as races, Cherry Blossom is already closed out- though they do have a number transfer. I’ve also heard great things about the Parkway Classic in April- that’s open for registration. Good luck!!

  2. U r already so speedy! I have no doubt when u put in the work u will get faster!’i dont know how u do it all! Rest up!

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