Jeff’s Post – When to Marathon?

Last year I ran my first marathon in September (Baltimore) and my second a month later in October (Richmond).  My plan this year was to run both a spring and fall marathon but after spending hours last night trying to find a spring race I’m leaning towards a few in the fall again.  I love running bigger races and I love the destination race but everywhere I looked last night I was at $1000 between entry fees and hotels.  It seemed all the close hotels were already booked and I just couldn’t find a good vibe with any race I was looking at.  I’m also concerned about the time commitment of two marathon training schedules.  Tamara and I have a little “house work” to do this spring and I don’t want my crazy running schedule to get in the way.  My compromise will be trying to squeeze in another ½ in the spring.  For now, I look towards the fall and will try to figure out a few races at that point.  Marine Corps is definitely on my short list.  I also registered for the New York lottery.  I’m not really counting on that but you never know.  Who would have thought finding a race would be so stressful!

I just finished 8 miles on the treadmill.  It was one of those runs where I felt like I could go on forever – love that!  Have a great day and Happy Running!




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  1. Whitney@9 Kid Fitness

    The idea of a marathon is always exciting…but paying for it is another thing altogether! I love marine corps too, but that one can cost you in terms of hotels. My husband found a great deal at the last minute at the Fairfield downtown.

  2. Marine Corps! Marine Corps! Marine Corps! It’s a no brainer. You have to do it. It’s my favorite race ever. I know there were mixed reviews this year but there is truly nothing like the experience. Just my 2 cents. I will cheer you on.:) If I hit my goal time in Boston this year, I think I am going to take the Fall off of marathon training and focus on the shorter distances.

    • Thanks Jessica – looks like it will be Marine Corps for me in the fall – I have a reminder on the calendar for registration day. Continued Good Luck with your Boston training – we will be watching 🙂

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