Jeff’s Post – Weekend Recap – Cold and Fast with a Virtual AG Win!

I’m still missing the weekend long run but I have been content lately with reduced mileage at a faster pace.  So far in January, I’ve been averaging around 35 miles per week.  I will build up that mileage as our first ½ of the year – The Rock N Roll USA gets closer.  I was dealing with a cold most of the week and I’m always torn as to what will help me get better faster.  I feel better after I run but I wonder if I should be taking a few more rest days to get over it.  Who knows – for the moment I’m just going to run because that is what I do. I wasn’t really sure what my running schedule was going to be this weekend but I was happy with how it turned out.   Back in December I signed up for the Twitter Road Race (5k).  For those who are not familiar this is basically a “virtual” race where you sign up, run the race during a specified time and then submit your time when you are done.  This is the second “virtual” event that I have participated in and I really find them both fun and motivating.  I had forgotten about this event until I saw a reminder pop up on my calendar on Friday.  I wasn’t’ sure I was going to participate because I just wasn’t feeling well but when I woke up Saturday I was determined to run this.  I wanted to run outside but we had a combination of snow/rain/sleet and since I was already sick I decided to stick with running on the treadmill.  I decided I would start with a 5k warm up run and then run my second 5k a few minutes later at race pace.  I was really excited to run my race and I pushed it the whole way finishing with a time of 19:51 only 10 seconds off my fastest 5k time ever.  I would later find out that the time was good enough for 1st in my AG – with second place going to a gentleman in Germany – how cool!  A big thanks to Doug over I run because for putting this on!

Fast forward to Sunday – I woke up still feeling rotten with a cold.  I decided I was just going to take the day off hoping that would make me feel better.  I did a little work, ran a few errands and called Tamara – she mentioned that she had just gotten off the treadmill.  I immediately felt like a slug and decided I had to run.  I love that we motivate each other and she encouraged me to just run a few miles to see how I felt.  Although it was freezing in Maryland today I decided to bundle up and go for a run outside.  I literally didn’t feel my feet until around mile 4 but I was running strong and fast.  I finished the 6.2 mile loop with a time of 45.26 (7:19 pace).  I’m far from super fast but I love the feeling when you are running fast and strong.  Considering I’m still dealing with a cold I was thrilled with my speedy weekend runs.  My legs feel great and I’m excited and looking forward to pushing my speed limits.

Hope you had a good weekend too!  Happy Running!


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