Tamara’s Post – “Mommy, Can You…?”

Once again I didn’t get my lazy butt outta bed as early as I should have – after getting up at 4:35am every weekday morning, it’s just hard getting up early on the weekends (and my bed was mighty toasty!). So after resetting my alarm and waking up at 7am, I tried to be quiet – but within 10 minutes my wild-haired-smiley-faced girl woke up and was ready to PLAY! We agreed she would watch a movie while I ran on the treadmill – that way we would both be in the basement – sounds easy enough. “Mommy, can you help me put Rachel’s (her favorite doll) coat on?”. Sure. “Mommy, can you get me a sweatshirt?”. Sure. “Mommy, can you put Rachel’s boots on?”. Sure. Took me a bit longer then expected to get my running clothes on (not sure why!). “Mommy, can you get my breakfast to take downstairs?”. Sure. “Mommy, can you take my pillow downstairs?”. Sure. “Mommy, can you turn the movie on?” Sure. Ok, I better hop on the treadmill before it’s time for lunch! I had an 8 mile run planned (yeah, stinks on the treadmill – but better then in the freezing rain). Samantha is incredibly understanding of my running (as I’ve mentioned before), so it’s hard to get upset when I’m interrupted during a treadmill run. “Mommy, can you fix the steps on my Barbie plane?”. Sure, I hop off the treadmill and fix the plane and hop back on the treadmill. She comes in from time to time and seems to just be checking on me. After 4 miles…”Mommy, can you get me another movie?”. I ask her to go get it – she does. “Mommy, I have some good news and some bad news…good news, I got another movie – bad news, the dogs pooped on the floor upstairs!” Great…well, Mommy’s not cleaning it up at the moment (and hopefully the smell will stay upstairs! – Mommy’s running! “Mommy, can you start the movie?”. Sure. I hope off the treadmill start the movie then hop back on. I run and I run…I got my 8 miles in. Before she could say “Mommy, can you watch some of the movie with me?”. I tell her I will watch the rest of the movie with her – she says “YAY!!”.  We smile at each other and I tell her “Thank you – for letting me run”. She’s my biggest fan – and I am hers…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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