Tamara’s Post – My Running Goals for 2012, I’m Ready!!!

It’s a New Year – and I’ve got a few running goals!

Like Jeff, I didn’t really  have any specific goals in mind for 2011 – in fact I had a few things that were NOT in my 2011 running plans…like running two 1/2 Marathons! That was NOT (no way!) part of my plan as I started out in 2011. It had even been several years since I tracked my running progress (and via an old bound running log). I just wanted to keep running and finish a few races (and perhaps snag a medal or 2). My goals and running plans quickly changed. When I gave Jeff his Garmin for Christmas 2010, I didn’t know that he would quickly turn into such a (hmmm…what’s the right word – obsessed, addicted, driven) motivated and focused runner. I listened with envy as he would tell me how many weekly miles he logged – I read in awe as he posted his run results on Facebook…every day (and if he missed a day I would wonder if he was ok!). I missed those exciting feelings that I used to have about running. I decided to try to get back to loving running. I began tracking my mileage – we began planning what races we would run. I quickly began feeling motivated about running and racing again. I loved having new running goals for upcoming racing – it kept me going (and got me out of bed in the mornings!).

I ran 11 races and logged over 950 miles (I didn’t track January 2010  – I wasn’t motivated yet!). I would have liked to have run more races – but my times in 2011 were sometimes better than my times from some of my best running years – back in 2000 and 2001. So – I want to do better in 2012 – I want to do more! When I initially wrote my goals, Jeff’s reaction was that they all seemed somewhat easy…so I decided to add some more (still not confident I can meet the last 2 goals) – granted my goals are far milder than Jeff’s, I’m still not as focused as he is – but I will continue to feed off his motivation (and speed!) to help me meet my goals! Here are my 2012 running goals:

1. Run two 1/2 marathons (Rock ‘n Roll USA in DC on 3/17/12 & TBD)
2. Set a PR in a 1/2 marathon with a sub-1:42 (current PR is 1:45) and not fall across the finish in need of salt…
3. Run with Samantha in her first 5K (she is 7 years old)
4. Complete my 8th consecutive D.C. Race for the Cure 5K
5. Set a PR in a 10 miler with a sub-1:20 (current PR is 1:23:03)
6. Train at sub-8:00 pace on the treadmill (training at 8:34 now)
7. Set a PR in a 5K (current PR is 21:54 – set 10/20/2001)
8. Set a PR in a 10K (current PR is 45:59 – set 10/28/2000)

2011 was a great running year for me…and a great year in my personal life too! 🙂 I have high expectations and hopes for 2012!! Happy New Year!!

Me and mini-Me on New Year’s Day

P.S. One more note…I’d like to blog more in 2012 – perhaps having my new Android tablet will help! Thanks Jeff! 


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  1. I really hope you complete #3 – what fun that will be for you both!

  2. You both have great goals. I can’t wait to see you accomplish them all 🙂

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