Jeff’s Post – My running goals for 2012 – I’m Ready Too!

I loved reading Tamara’s goals for 2012 and although we discussed them briefly she didn’t tell me everything she wanted to do so it was fun to read her post too!  So here I go with my list!

Jeff – 2012 Goals

Run 2 Marathons – One in spring/summer – and one in the fall.  My goal will be to improve upon my 2011 3:58 marathon times!

Run every ½ Marathon that Tamara does and maybe convince her to do one more :).

Run Smarter – In 2011 I was just running to run – In 2012 I want to run to improve.  I want to improve my fitness, endurance and speed.  I ran over 2200 miles in 2011.  I would love to break that in 2012 but I would be ok if the overall number was lower and everything else improved.

Consistently run sub 20 minute 5k’s – I’m not a huge fan of the 5k but I feel like I’m very capable of running consistent sub 20 minute 5k’s at any time – that will be a goal in 2012.

PR in each distance – I realize I may not be able to PR in every race but I want to PR in every distance this year.  I don’t think this is a stretch.

Run with Tamara and Samantha in her first 5K (she is 7 years old).  I love how Samantha is interested in our running and look forward to this special moment for all of us!

Run where I live – There are so many places around where I live that I haven’t run through yet.  We live in a beautiful part of the country and I intend to take advantage of it.  I (we) will run “St. Mary’s in 2012!

Continue to improve the blog – I’m amazed at how many people have visited our blog – We started this to talk about our running journey for those who cared and we are so thankful for those who have taken time to visit.  I also have plans for a podcast and hope that will start in the spring.  I love the social aspect of running and love exploring all forms of social medial to connect.  Thank you all so much for taking the time to read and comment.  I’m glad we have been able to inspire a few to run – your comments inspire us!

A few last words about 2011.  I would like to take a quick minute and thank my parents who have always been by my side and so supportive of my running – Thanks Mom and Dad for your support, encouragement and for sharing my 1st marathon experience.








And to Tamara – My running partner, my best friend and my love – It is an amazing feeling to share a passion with someone you love and I thank you for being there for me during the year.  I will never forget all of our amazing runs, our amazing trips and countless memories we made along the way.  I am stronger with you by my side and I’m looking forward to an amazing 2012!

Wishing all of you a safe, happy, active and more importantly a running 2012!


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  1. Your blog has been an inspiration. When I see the progress you’ve made, I see what is possible.

  2. You both have some great goals for this year. I’m looking forward to watching what you guys do!

  3. I know where you can run a marathon- NJ? Pleasseee.. what are you thinking for the fall marathon? I am trying to find a good one. I love that you thanked your mom and dad and running buddy hehe 😉

    • Hi Stephanie – I’m definitely considering NJ – leaning towards it – just trying to figure out all the dates. I’m still not sure about the fall – really want it to be a road trip but not sure where. Hope to figure that out soon – stay tuned………..

  4. I am all about the “run smarter” goal. And I think your recognition that more miles may not be the answer to that is already a step, or a run, in the right direction. Plus, I think you’ll have more fun doing it! Anyway, love reading the blog, so stick to that resolution as well. Keep it up!

    • Thanks so much for the comment – I’m trying to not focus so much on the mileage and focus more on the quality of my runs. Glad you enjoy the blog we love doing it! Happy Running!

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