Jeff’s Post – 2011 = 2202.78 Miles

Yesterday, I finished a 6 mile run which put me at 2207.78 miles for the year. I’m pretty proud of that!  I didn’t have any specific mileage goal last year, I just started running and the miles started adding up.  My runs consisted of countless mornings up at 4:10am – I ran on the treadmill – I ran with ice on the roads – I ran in crazy heat – I’ve seen many sunrises – I ran in Central Park, I ran the Strip at Night. I ran in Maine, Florida, Las Vegas and countless places in between. It wasn’t always easy but it was always worth it.  I ran my first sub 20 minute 5K, my first 10k, my first 10 miler, my first ½ marathon (and then a few more), my first marathon and my second a month later.  I even won my first overall 5k.   In 2011 I set the bar in 2012 I will push the limits!

I’ve got some goals in mind for 2012 and will post them shortly.  Hope you had a good 2011 and wishing you all a healthy and active 2012.  Happy New Year!







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  1. Love your blog. I plan to run a half (my 4th) and a full marathon (my first) this year. Good luck to you both!

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