Jeff’s Post – Nice Pace!

For a very long time I have been posting a picture of my almost daily treadmill runs on facebook.  I know some find it annoying (they can choose not to be my facebook friend) but I find it motivating and I find that it keeps me honest.  I have also heard from many others that it motivates them, which I love.  I typically start the treadmill and walk for first ¼ mile to get warmed up and then I also walk at the end for a very short distance so if you look at my times they look a bit slow.  This week I decided to change that.  Now I do a short ¼ mile walk to warm up and then reset the treadmill and start off at my running pace.  Yesterday, Tamara made a comment on my 6 mile run (nice pace).  It wasn’t super speedy but I loved that she made that comment which brought me to this morning.  I wanted to blow yesterday’s pace out of the water and I did – knocking over 3 minutes off my time from yesterday – BAM!

Thanks Tamara for the motivation and for pushing me past average!!

Have a great day and go for a run if you get a chance!

Today's Run - Over 3 minutes faster than yesterday!








Yesterday's Run


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  1. That’s awesome! 3 min is a TON of time =) And a speed pace!! Have a great day!

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