Tamara’s Post – My iPod, My Crutch…

I was bummed I forgot my iPod this morning…but happy Jeff had an extra for me to borrow as we headed out for a short run…my happiness was short-lived. The earbuds kept popping out of my ears, ugh! I was missing my earbuds which are the yurbuds brand and I actually have had good luck with them rarely coming out when I run. Then the iPod kept shutting off on me – was I hitting the pause button? After hitting “play” 5 times and having the iPod actually fall out of my hand (yeah, I unclipped it to see what the heck was wrong!) and wind up in the ditch, I decided to run without music.

Hmmm….what do I listen to? Jeff’s feet hitting the asphalt? The wind? I started thinking back to when my sick addiction with my iPod began – back in the Summer of 2009 (yeah, only 3 years ago) I decided to join the fad and get an iPod. I got the iPod Nano. I was immediately hooked! I loved running to my favorite music (I admit it – mostly dance music and Top 20 – and yes, I love Brittany Spears!). I actually seemed to run faster – and my race times proved it. I now never run without my iPod when I’m running outside – and all my treadmill running is while watching TV (mostly reality and drama series).

My first iPod...

So today as I am running I start thinking about many things – the remaining Christmas cards I need to write, the presents I need to wrap, the groceries I need to buy, the presents I still haven’t bought, the issues with my daughter’s school bus, the project at work that I’m behind on, the Christmas tree at home I need to water, the laundry I need to put away, the food I need to cook for Christmas dinner, the past, the present, the future…stop the madness!!! I want my iPod!!!! As we proceed up a hill around mile 4, I remembered the 15 years I ran without music – I used to ponder life – I used to think about my past, my present, my future – I solved many of my life’s problems while pounding the pavement. I cried many tears as I ran and mourned for the passing of a few of my Grandparents and a beloved pet. One of the reasons why I enjoyed running was so I had time to myself…to think. That was then, this is now…

Now, when I run I don’t want to think about other distractions, I just want to focus on my run and I want to run fast – and for some reason I cannot keep other thoughts out of my head…unless I have my music. With my music I am focused on my run.  While I do run with only 1 earbud (safety rule of mine) I can still hear my breathing, my feet, the wind…and I remain focused and motivated as my music fills my left ear with my favorite tunes.

As we crest the hill with less than a 1/2 mile to go, I actually am glad that I forgot my iPod – I’ve enjoyed a great run and did alot of reflecting on my “old” running days. As Jeff glances over at me, takes out his earbud and says “I love running beside you” – I smile and now I am extremely happy I’m not listening to music as I say back to him “Me too”…and as we continue our run back to his house – I decide I might just forgot my iPod (my crutch) again…only next time – on purpose.

My current iPod


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  1. Great post Tamara. I was totally dependent on my iPod until last year when I went out for a 16 mile run and it shorted out at Mile 2. I figured, well this could happen at a marathon and I will have no other choice but to push through. I have slowly been weening myself off and do about 50% of my runs without now.

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