Jeff’s Post – Mind Games and Focus

It was so nice to get a decent run in this morning (7 treadmill miles) as I continue with my “Easy” December.  I find there are times when I’m enjoying the break but more often than not I’m missing the runs!  It’s interesting how “unfit” I feel after a few days off.  I realize it is mental but I have worked so hard to get my fitness to this point that I still think a day off or multiple days off will wreck all of that hard work!  I know that isn’t the case but it just feels that way sometimes.

Baltimore 10 Miler - Focused!

I was talking to a really fast local runner last night (runs a 17:005k).  I was expressing my love hate relationship with the 5k and he kept mentioning over and over again that he has to stay super focused the entire race.  Seems like that should be a given but I know I have lost focus in the 5k and Marathon distances.  I’m going to work really hard next year on my focus because when you lose focus your mind starts playing games on you!

Have a great day – Remember focus focus focus!


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  1. Running/racing all different distances teach you different things. There are so many benefits (mentally and physically) in doing that, I find. Non-runners don’t “get it” when I say that I would much rather do a 1/2 marathon than a 5K. I will go sub-21 in my 5K in 2012 though!

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