And We Have a Winner!!

Thanks to those who entered the “Guess our Time” Contest.  This was our first contest and I actually thought about the times at a couple points during my run – hoping I might break a 1:40.  Thank you for the extra motivation!  Tamara and I both PR’d and we were thrilled with our times.


Pace      5 Km      10 Km    10 Mi     ChipTime

7:45        23:39     47:39     1:17:03  01:41:32


Pace      5 Km      10 Km    10 Mi     ChipTime

8:02        23:39     47:40     1:17:46  01:45:14

And the Winner of a $30 Zappos Gift Card is……………………………………..

Jessica @irun26@8

I can’t believe how close Jessica got to our times.  She was within 13 seconds of my time (she guessed 1:41:19) and 8 seconds on Tamara’s time (she guessed 1:45:22) – AMAZING!

We fly home on Wed and I hope to write my race recap on the plane.  This race has been getting a bunch of negative publicity on facebook and twitter but overall we had a great experience.

More to come – No run for me today – I’m taking a few days off!!



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  1. Haha! That isn’t the first time I have done that either. My friend Jen ran the Erie Marathon at Presque Isle in September. I guessed 3:34:16. She ran 3:34:26! She had never run faster than 3:45! Ha. I should start doing this for a living! Like be a side show at the Expos 🙂

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