Our First Contest – Guess our RNR Times!

Tamara and I are both excited to Rock the Strip at the Rock N Roll ½ Marathon and Marathon this weekend in Vegas.  We are also excited about our first blog contest!

The rules are simple.  Tamara and I will both be running the Rock N Roll ½ Marathon in Las Vegas on Sunday, December 4th.

You must do all of the following to be eligible:

First – Follow us on Twitter @werrunners OR subscribe to our blog (The subscribe form is on the bottom right of this page).

Second – Leave a blog comment on this post with your prediction for Tamara’s time and your prediction for Jeff’s time – Please include your email address!  Please also let us know if you followed us on Twitter or subscribed to our blog.

We will add our official race chip finish times (provided by RNR) together and add your predictions together – The individual who followed the rules and has a predicted total time closest to the actual total time wins!!

The Deadline for the contest entry is 12:00pm Eastern on Sunday, December 4th.  One entry per person!  The winner will be announced by Tuesday, December 6th.

The Prize – A $30 Zappos Gift Card!!

Please note that this contest is not sponsored in anyway by Zappos or The Rock and Roll Marathon Series.  We are just running the race and wanted to have a little fun!

Thanks for Checking out our Blog, Good Luck and Happy Running!

Jeff and Tamara!

No purchase is necessary.

This contest is void in any location where it is prohibited by law.


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  1. I predict Tamara will run a 1:45:22 and Jeff will run a 1:41:19. I follow your blog, liked your facebook page! Good luck in Vegas!

  2. Have fun in Vegas!!!!

    Jeff – 1:39:58
    Tamara 1:44:35

    I follow the blog (and ❤ it!)

  3. Good luck in Vegas, hope you two do well!

    Jeff – 1:41:43
    Tamara – 1:43:12

  4. Jeff – 1:43:40
    Tamara 1:47:45

    I randomly chose these. good luck guys! what corral are you all in?

  5. Have a great race. I’m following you on Twitter.

    Jeff – 1:37:51
    Tamara 1:42:59

    • Dang David – putting a little pressure on us 🙂 We like it! Thanks for guessing – honestly have no idea how well we will do – we walked too much yesterday and this thing is going to be crowded!!

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