Jeff’s Post – A Strong Weekend and We “R” Ready to Rock and Roll!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend.  Tamara and I had a nice few days with family and we were thrilled that we could get in a few runs together.  We didn’t only run – we kicked some running butt!  We didn’t break any land speed records and we are just average runners but we ran hard and we ran fast and it felt so good (I pasted the spits for those running geeks!).  I love the feeling when we are both running side by side in unison fast and strong!  We have our final ½ coming up this weekend and “We “R” Ready to Rock and Roll!  After running two marathons over the last few months I’m excited to be done at mile marker 13 this time and I feel very strong at the moment.  I do feel like I ate a bit more than I should have over the last few days so I will be looking to drop a few pounds by Sunday.  After running 32 miles over the last 3 days I took today off and plan on running a mostly normal week leading up to the ½.

Our Splits on our two runs below – Notice the negative splits – Yeah!

















The weather in Southern Maryland continues to be beautiful and today was no exception.  It was all we could do not to run but we knew that rest was more important.  We spent a relaxing afternoon tagging our Christmas tree and visiting a few of the local scenic areas.

Have a great day and go for a run if you can!!  You will be glad you did!!

Rock Star!


A Rest Day!

Tagging our Tree!


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