Jeff’s Post – Thanksgiving Double!

Today I started what I hope will be a new Thanksgiving tradition.  I started the morning meeting up with a group from our local running club for a “10 before Turkey” run.  This run has been going on for a few years but this was my first year participating.  You basically show up and run what your want – my goal today was 10 miles.  It was a beautiful morning and I ending up pairing up in a group of three.  It was a fun run at a nice relaxing pace and I really enjoyed the company in the group.  It turns out the guy I was running with has run many ultramarathons and over 200 marathons.  It was great to run with him – I felt like I was with running royalty!

I felt really good after the run and couldn’t wait to stop by Starbucks for a coffee and then head back to Tamara’s house.  Tamara wasn’t able to join me on the morning run and I was really hoping that she would be able to run when I got back because I wanted to run with her.  As soon as I got back I asked her if she wanted to run – she said yes and I told her I wanted to go again.  She seemed a little surprised since I had just run 10 miles but I felt so good and it was such a beautiful day I was ready to go again.

Tamara and I run so well together.  We normally don’t discuss pace, we just run.  We were pressed for time and she said she only had time to run 6 miles.  I knew from the second we left her house that she meant business on this run.  I just love that and I love how we push each other’s pace.  We ran a pretty fast 6 miles (8:00 pace).   More impressive was that every mile was a negative split.  We rocked our Thanksgiving Run and I was thrilled with my double run today – 16 miles!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read our blog.  You inspire us and we love sharing our stories.

Ran on the boardwalk this morning!

The view from my run this morning! - Beautiful Solomons Island, MD


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