Jeff’s Post – Marathon # 1 Baltimore 3:58 – Marathon #2 Richmond 3:58

I still find it a bit freaky that I finished my two Marathons with the same time (actually Marathon #1 Baltimore was 20 seconds quicker).  Obviously, I wanted a better time for #2 but I’m still thrilled with what I have accomplished in such a short time.  I’m also ready for Marathon #3 but should probably wait until early next year!

I’m a numbers guy so I couldn’t wait to sit down and analyze my splits for each race.  My goal for Richmond was to come out slower than I did in Baltimore and if you look at the numbers below I succeeded for a while.  I still think I came out too quick.  I should have tried to stay closer to an 8:30 pace at the beginning.

A few notes:

I succeeded in coming out slower – Miles 1 thru 11 were slower than Baltimore.  Mile 7 was my only sub 8 mile….but miles 12 thru 16 were faster than Baltimore.

Mile 17 was tough in both races – In Baltimore I went to a 10:21 pace and in Richmond I went from a 9:16 in mile 16 to an 11:01 in mile 17.

I was faster during miles 18 thru 22 in Marathon#2 so I will take that as an improvement.  Miles 23 thru 25 were tough in both events.  I tend to always speed it up during that last 1.2 so I’m happy with my time in both races.

I have more thoughts I will share in later posts but as I look at the numbers I see improvements – especially in the later miles and I’m happy with that.


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  1. I thought about you today when I did my run, a mere 5 miles! Great job! Will you be doing Baltimore again next year?

  2. How do you get your splits? Do you have a Garmin watch?

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