Tamara’s Post – 2 Great Training Runs & NYC Marathon Inspiration

After 3 decent treadmill runs during the week, I was ready for a long run outside yesterday. Jeff & I decided to run from my house in the afternoon – but I was late getting back from Sam’s gymnastics class and got a text from Jeff that he was starting without me…can’t say as I blame him, it was getting late. I passed him about 3 miles from my house, I honked hoping he would turn back so we could meet up. I didn’t waste time at my house and took off down the road. As I reached a long straight away I began to worry – I couldn’t see Jeff. I saw something in the distance that looked like it could be a person, but it was a sign…not him… I spotted a pick-up pulled over and it looked like they were putting something or someone in the back….was that Jeff? Did something happen to him? Jeez, I’m such a worrywart! I kept running, wondering where he was…finally when I reached 2 miles I spotted him. It was great to run together! I had quite a bit of energy and knew he had already logged 4-5 more miles then me so I tried not to sing and dance too much! I felt really good the entire run and finished up 10 miles in 1:24. Ahhhh…I feel like I’m back in the game! I decided to run a bit today as I watched the NYC marathon – wow, talk about inspiration! I ran 5 miles as I watched the elite men’s and women’s races…all the time wishing I were there running 26.2 with the other 47K runners…maybe some day…


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