Tamara’s Post – Pouring Rain & My DVR = Awesome Treadmill Run!

I wasn’t very excited about hopping on the treadmill this morning – I am missing outside runs and thought perhaps I would hold off and get an outside run in tomorrow… Ok, I hopped on and decided to run 3 or 4 miles and get in more mileage tomorrow. It was pouring outside – I don’t mind running in the rain – just not a downpour! I realized I still hadn’t watched the Little Fockers movie I DVR’d – I turned it on and ran…and ran…Ben Stiller makes me smile, so it took my mind off the miles. It was a surprisingly easy run. I’m still worried about my knee a bit, so I started at a 9:00 pace and slowly increased each mile to end my 8th mile at a 8:15 pace. Yeah! Felt good – no, felt great! So glad I got a good run in…I’m now ready to watch my soon-to-be 7 year old play with her friends at her birthday party this afternoon! You can keep on coming down rain – I got my run in – and you didn’t stop me…love my treadmill…and my DVR! 🙂


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  1. A great run in the thrillmill! I don’t have those very often! It seems whenever I get comfortable on our treadmill here at our little apartment complex, someone comes in and wants to use it too while watching SportsCenter. Damn shame. I haven’t figured out when the best time to run is so avoid interruption!

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