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The bottom of my foot was still bothering me yesterday so I decided to spend about an hour on the bike trainer (I also lifted weights).  I like throwing the bike in every once in a while but I enjoy running so much more.  I never have an issue running inside on the treadmill but riding the bike on the trainer bores me.  I love riding the bike outside – the trainer not so much!  I also tend to recover slower after long bike rides.

Bike Trainer








So this morning it was back on the treadmill.  I have a great adventure planned in about 18 days and maintaining my running fitness without injury is my goal.  I decided to break in a pair of new shoes.  I think I have a running shoe problem.  I have boxes of them and I’ve been sitting on a new pair of Brooks Ghost 4’s for a few months.  I thought the extra cushioning would be good for my foot and I also thought I may take these shoes on my new adventure.  The shoes felt great and I ran 8 miles – everything felt good – Yeah!

I think I have a Shoe Problem








Soundtrack today, Bon Jovi live at Madison Squared Garden.  I’m a huge Bon Jovi fan and it has been a while since I’ve watched this concert DVD.  It took me back to the trip Tamara and I took to New York earlier this year.  We went to see Bon Jovi at Madison Squared Garden and we had an amazing run around Central Park.  I love visiting New York and can’t wait to go back.

Runners Dinner at Bon Jovi Concert!

Have a great day – If it is a nice day go outside for a walk or run – you will be happy that you did!







Central Park Run


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