Post Marathon Thoughts!

It is starting to sink in a little that I’m a Marathoner (you can read my Marathon recap here).  Post Marathon, I continue to analyze my performance on Saturday.  I’m happy with my 3:58 time but really thought I could run a 3:30 (probably crazy for my first Marathon but that is what I was thinking).   Those who know me know that I’m always looking to improve and this is just a natural progression to improve my performance for the next one. :).  I’m also sharing my thoughts in hopes that it might help others who are running their first Marathon.

Post Marathon Meal at Cheesecake Factory!

Some Thoughts:

  • I WENT OUT TOO FAST!  – Classic Rookie Mistake – At one point when I was running with the 3:20 pace group for a few miles I actually thought to myself that I could qualify for Boston (Crazy).  Nice to have goals but I shouldn’t have been thinking about Boston during my first Marathon.
  • I think I ate breakfast too early.  The race start was 8:00am and I ate at the same time I normally would on a 6:30am training run – I got hungry when I was running!
  • Not sure why but for some reason I could never get in a zone like I did on my long training runs.  Most of my long runs were by myself outside – just me and my iPod.  I wanted to run in a bigger race and found some of the noise and all of the people distracting at times.  At one point the TV station helicopter constantly hovering overhead bothered me.  I also took an old bib and wrote my name on the front.  I loved all of the cheering for “Jeff” for a while but it wasn’t as motivating as I thought it would be when I was struggling – I ended up taking it off mid race.  Note to new runners – If you do this use an old bib or duct tape – you might want to get rid of your name at some point .
  • I did a speed run a week earlier (10 miles @ 7:30-7:40 pace) and I’m not 100% sure I was fully recovered from that.  I should have done the speed work earlier in my training and made that last run an easy run.
  • I didn’t train on enough hills – My mostly treadmill runs didn’t help me with the hills!  I thought about adding incline to the treadmill while I was training but made a decision not to use it because I was worried about injury.  I was really paranoid about injury the few weeks leading up to the Marathon – I had worked way too hard to get injured right before the race.
  • I walked too much in the city on Friday – My legs felt tired when I went to bed Friday night.  I actually went to bed a little concerned that my legs were bothering me.
  • I think I was reading too much about what to do towards the end of my training.  I felt like during my taper weeks I changed almost everything I was doing (diet, types of runs, distance).  I ran my best training run (22 miles) when I was averaging around 55 miles per week.  During my last two weeks I was down to around 35 miles per week.  I just feel better when I run more!

Hope this info is helpful to some – it was just helpful for me to write it down!  I had my first post race run this morning 7 miles on the treadmill.  The run felt great – had to make myself stop at 7 miles!

Have a great day and go for a run if you get a chance!


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  1. You’ve learned some great lessons along the way. I have learned more and more that the taper isn’t really a time to change too much, although running less is key to having fresh legs. I think the walking around the day before probably impacted you more than anything.

    Great job getting back at running – don’t rush it too much though!

  2. Thanks for the feedback David – My taper will be different next time. Thanks again for your comments – Happy Running!

  3. Great performance first off! Excellent lessons learned secondly. Being able to reflect on your performance and the things that affected it (either positively or negatively) is a great ability and will serve you well in future races!

  4. I will be running my 3rd marathon on Sunday & I am glad you were able to learn a lot from your first. Starting out too fast kills me too. I started out too fast in a 10K last weekend & felt like I was crawling to the finish line. In reality, I only slowed down to my correct pace, but I didn’t know that bc I felt like I slowed down to a crawl from being so tired from running the 1st 3 miles too fast. Also, hill repeats are a must for marathon training. I am not a strong hill runner to begin with so I make myself do hill repeats once a week during training (but not at all during taper). For your next marathon, try doing more outside runs then treadmill runs. Treadmills are great when it’s too hot/cold/rainy, etc. and even good for speed work, but running on the road is a lot different than treadmill running, so it’s good to be used to that. Lastly, all those things you had never experienced before? That’s the wall! They say the real race starts at mile 20! Congrats on your finish & great time. I could never run a sub-4 marathon so hold your head up high!

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