Tamara’s Post – 5K (Diaper Derby)…Done! Marathon Cheerleader…Done!

Congratulations to Jeff on finishing his first marathon!  I know he wishes he had felt better and finished faster…but regardless of his time, his parents and I are extremely proud of his accomplishment! I was so happy to be there for him on race morning and throughout the race, but I should have planned it out a bit better – it would have been nice to run more of it with him. I was glad I ran the 5K and as I began the first mile that was uphill, I pushed the whining out of my head – I was only running 3 miles and Jeff was running 26.2! So I ran as hard as I could and finished in 23:40. I wished I started closer to the front – there were alot of people in front of me in the beginning that ran quite a slower pace – and they were in my way – look out, I’m coming through – I bet I passed a few hundred people going up that hill! Thanks to Advil for taking my knee pain away! I ran splits of 7:56, 7:36, and 7:04! Yeah!! But only good enough for 4th in my age group – la, la, la – it doesn’t matter – I was there to support Jeff – completing the 5K was a bonus! I was thrilled that I got to run with Jeff for a few minutes at the halfway point – but immediately knew he wasn’t doing so well. He is so mentally strong that I didn’t give it another thought and fell out to start my ill-fated trek across the city to find mile 18…which I never found…after getting in a not so great area alone I abandoned my grand plan and finally found my way back to the course. I had another plan now – run up to mile 24 or so and run the last few miles with Jeff. It was a great idea! I was so inspired and motivated by the 100s of runners making their way to the finish – it didn’t matter if they were walking, running, smiling, or frowning – they were all out there – they were all on their way to get their well-deserved medal! I was so happy to see Jeff around 23.5 miles! He didn’t look as strong as he normally does and I knew he just wanted to finish at this point. I loved running with him, as irritating as I was at times – I just wanted him to know I was there for him and how excited I was for him. I had mixed feelings as I zoomed off the course right after the 26 mile mark – I know race officials hate it when you cross the finish of a race you are not in – but I really wanted to see Jeff cross the finish! With the thousands of runners and spectators there it was easy to see how quickly we lost each other – ugh – I was so sad! I couldn’t even congratulate him! I walked around for what seemed like an hour – finally I spotted Jeff walking toward me. I will never forget that moment – you’d have thought we hadn’t seen each other in months! I was so proud of him and so happy for him!! Just like that – it is over – and now he can forever say that he has run a marathon! Wonder what his next goal will be?! 🙂


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