Tamara’s Post – To Diaper Derby or Not??

Ok – no disrespect intended – but any short (5k/10k) race that is held in conjunction with a marathon is classifed by me as a Diaper Derby. And not because I or any other of the runners will be wearing a diaper (infant or adult), only because it is just such a short duration and over so quickly compared to the marathon. I’ve raced a few Diaper Derbies in the past and had a great time after the race watching all the marathoners. Sure – I felt a little less of a runner than those that were still on their 26.2 mile journey, but I was already done my race – and they need us non-marathoners to cheer them on from the sidelines. So – I signed up for the 5K at the Baltimore Running Festival where Jeff will be running the marathon. I actually tried to sign up for the 1/2 marathon, but it was filled due to my extended procrastination. Why not run the 5K? My knee is still bothering me quite a bit – it is super achy in the evenings and hurts during most of my runs. I’ve run through knee pain before – I can tackle this Diaper Derby…right? What is my issue? I can actually place at this race in my age group – but with my old lady bum knee I’m worried I can’t – so what, right? I need the run for my mind and to try to get past this injury – 5K won’t hurt it any worse – so I’m leaning towards running it – as long as I can hold back and not try to go out at a sub 7:30 pace and hurt myself. Maybe I shouldn’t run it…see I can’t decide…no problem, I got until Saturday morning at 0830 to make a decision…and if you know me at all, you know that I will decide at 0600 that morning!


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