Jeff’s Post – The Need for Speed!

6 Days until Baltimore – Yeah!  Yesterday I took my last run of any real distance (10 miles) until the marathon on Saturday.  I’m doing my best to taper and the last three weeks have gone from 58 miles, to 47 to 37 this past week.  This week I plan on running very short distances (between 3 and 5 miles) and take at least 2 days off.

Back to the run yesterday, I was as nervous and excited as any run I’ve had in a while.  This run was all mental for me – I wanted to run fast, I wanted to feel good during the whole run and I wanted to remain injury free.  I decided to run a route I have many times that included a few good hills.  As soon as I started the run I felt great and instantly knew this was going to be a good run.  I felt fast and strong and probably looked at my Garmin more than I ever have during a training run.  I wanted to keep a sub 8 pace the whole time and I did (10 miles in 1:16)!  I finished my run around a ¼ of a mile from my start on purpose.  I wanted to walk back and take some time to reflect.  It has been an amazing running year for me.  I’ve run over 1800 miles this year and have never been more focused.  Bring on Baltimore – I’m ready to run 26.2 miles through your streets and enjoy a weekend in your city!


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